Revelations: Hushpuppi saw his arrest coming

Popular Nigerian big boy in Dubai, Hushpuppi is scheduled to face court after FBI and Dubai Police caught up with him at his Dubai home in Rambo theme.
Hushpuppi born Ramon Abass was arrested after months of tracking and surveillance on June 9 in an operation dubbed ‘Fox Hunt’ by the Dubai Police.
Eight of his accomplices were also arrested by Dubai Police and FBI during the operation tagged Fox Hunt, seizing several items including 13 luxury cars, 47 smartphones , laptops, and others.
The Dubai Police released a video of the arrest explaining how the arrest took place.
It was discovered that the rich Instagram star scammed over 1.9 million people when he hacked into individuals and business accounts and deposited funds directly into his account.
We have every reason to believe, though, that Hushpuppi may have seen bad omen crawling right up to his residence.
In a post Hushpuppi wrote on his Instagram account, which happened to be his last post 24 hours before he could be apprehended in his lavish mansion, Hushpuppi expressed gratitude for his blessings and prophesied that his achievement will not be a wonder of one day but forever.
He also said that God will put to shame everyone who is wishing his downfall.