Investigations show Hushpuppi could sue Dubai Police

Nigerian based investigative journalist Dr Kemi Omololu Olunloyo unveils some hidden facts behind the arrest and detention of Huspuppi who was reportedly arrested by Dubai authority
Kemi Olunloyo who posted on her Facebook page was quoted as saying, Before you saw HushPuppi’s arrest video yesterday you all said Interpol arrested him. Now some of you are claiming Dubai police arrested him.
Stop being unintelligent, it was a joint operation. Dubai Police just released their propaganda video where they blocked other witnesses faces and their own police faces which is standard. They shouldn’t even have shown Huspuppi’s face, He can sue them. She argued.
Kemi continued by saying, the US secret service owns part of this case. $35M which belongs to HHS America’s ministry of health (Department of Health and Human Services) for Covid materials. Ramon Abbas carried their passport. He renounced Nigeria and is the only known Nigerian to carry a UAE passport.
Instead of you to follow my updates on Instagram and Twitter, you are claiming I’m upset that he didn’t support my medical bills. Instead he made fun of me and ridiculed me when I was vulnerable. Called me “The Great Journalist of Nigeria” in his write up a name I now call myself. Now I’m the one giving you details on his demise.
I blame the nigerian government for Ramoni Abass’ law enforcement demise. He scattered the US embassy when they refused to give him a visa, then he found his way to Malaysia then Dubai.
Now he’s reportedly at Moshannon without a visa for massive fraud. This will affect all of us. Visas, Travelling, everything. The Dubai people set him up well. Be Careful on International. She concluded.