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“Sadly, 92% of the vaccinated population had died” doctor admits 



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Covid-19 vaccines are always trending for all the wrong reasons all over social media nowadays it’s safe to say, getting vaccinated put your own life in great danger. The statistics don’t lie over 92% of all Covid-19 deaths those patients were vaccinated as things stand the best possible solution is to let your immune system fight for you.

Based on statistics from Canada 85 percent of the population were vaccinated for COVID-19 but for some reason, 92 percent of the population have lost their lives it’s a pandemic against the vaccinated not those who are not vaccinated.

What is more alarming about the situation the more shots you are going to take of Covid-19 the more likely you are going to die from the disease.

Covid-19 vaccines are severely damaging our immune systems, I don’t think it’s fair that in some countries it’s compulsory to be vaccinated people are dying at the hands of vaccines.

Studies are showing that 97 percent of the unvaccinated population is more likely to survive infections. What the doctor is saying is the shots are not working even those who are vaccinated know very well they’re not safe from the virus, which is very alarming.

Based on the stats as well as the Doctor those who are not vaccinated are more likely to survive Covid-19, if you are already vaccinated think twice before getting another boost it’s going to weaken your immune system and you are going to be vulnerable to other infections. 

It seems like adhering to Covid-19 protocols such as wearing masks as well as practicing social distance may save your life more, over the past few days, a lot of deaths were linked with the vaccine. The fight against Covid-19 is far from over, it may take a few years.

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