Sanwo-Olu sidelines task force review, asks Lagosians to decide on lockdown. Here’s the result

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While state task forces and the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 have observed and reviewed the effectiveness of the phased effort to ease lockdown the federal government slammed on Lagos, Abuja, Ogun, the Lagos government has turned the decision-making to citizens.

According to the state government, voting became necessary because Lagosians have disregarded social distancing and other guidelines issued by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and health experts.

So on Tuesday, the state government tweeted, “Considering the level of compliance with government’s directives on limiting the spread of COVID-19 in Lagos State, should the state government impose another lockdown or not?”

More than 53,000 people voted yes or no or neutral as of Wednesday.

About 51.4 percent of respondents asked the state government to issue a fresh lockdown order while 37.2 votes against it. Other responders were undecided.

Although Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu earlier talked tough following citizens’ violation of the guidelines.

The online voting might just reinforce its decision.

But elsewhere, for instance, Los Angeles, the epicenter of the pandemic in California, health authorities deciding to lock down the city for three months based their decision on data and CDC guidelines—not what the citizens wanted.


  1. Many leaders are walking corpses not knowing that.becus I wonder how dey sleep.curses upon curses ND how did dey think dat God HV not heard people prayers and thier suffering ND cry.the Governor of Lagos State should go ND plead with God of Abraham and Isaac ND jacob.becus is unfortunate that he is not seeing what is going to happen to him spiritual.suffering him slf ND not people.what is the essence of go to market 9 to 3 did he think we are selling akara ND agidi ,or moi- moi.or did he bring customers dat will buy at dat thing that is sure is death definitely one day he will die ND den his eyes will be open to see his wicked nes to people he is rulling.

  2. For me there should be no more lock down because people are suffering, no food, no work, etc,it’s wrong to judge by online voting because 50% of the people are rich as you can see there are the highest numb. So Mr Governor I would like you think we’ll.

  3. If they want to afresh lockdown you should provides everything we need…..if they can pay each centizens 5k let them starting now or want ever is going to happen let federal government take responsibility

  4. My excellency, people who said u should proceed on lockdown are enemy of progress, haven’t say so,they want your citizens to be begging them for their needs, while some people has lost their job all because of this lockdown,the way u did is the same thing TAIWAN did in their country,and gradually Coro na virus has became past in their records book,my suggestion is this,state from those commercial buses,the driver, conductor and passages that going out without nose mask should be packing to isolation center direct,with effect of this people will comply

  5. If the government so much care for the people they have made provision for the people. Pay money to peoples account through bvn details and set-up a very good team not sycophants that will lie to make money from government. If at all covid 19 is real then the people should be given good money to quarantine for one month. GOVT should stop playing politics with people, minister of humanitarian and natural disasters told us how she shared money in the northern region but Lagos State where the viruse is confirmed and quarantine the people are crying for food. The government gave relieved materials to the people that have enough to share agege hundred naira bread for the family of six to eight for twenty eight days. I’m not against any body but the politicians should do the right thing at the right time.

  6. Any more lockdown will create so much chaos and pandemonium in our polity. Let’s learn to live with the virus,ssys WHO.