Saraki’s impeachment: Senate spits fire

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Senate President Bukola Saraki can ride on as likes because any attempt to remove him is doomed for failure.
Other senators are ‘not ready to remove him’, said Senate Spokesperson Sabi Abdullahi, while speaking with reporters at the weekend.
According to him, Saraki has provided stability not only in the National Assembly, but the entire country.
“We elected him and we are not ready to remove him yet. From day one, ‘they’ never wanted Saraki. What we are saying is that the right to choose the Senate President lies with senators and we have chosen our leader,’ Sabi said.
“From everything he has been doing as chairman of the National Assembly and as President of the Senate, he has provided stability. He has not only brought this to the National Assembly, but the entire country.
“The true face of democracy is the parliament and since Saraki came in, we have not failed this democracy,”
He emphasised the need for a stable NASS which he said is in Nigeria’s interest—so that all hands can be on deck to tackle the challenges in the country.
APC Bauchi Sen Isa Misau weeks ago alleged that a minister of leading a plot to remove the senate president.
“’What is the reason?’ They said that the senate president would leave APC that they should create problems for him (Saraki). What kind of country is this? Everything is about religion, about tribe,” he said.
But Misau’s allegation calls for caution. The senator is embroiled in defamatory suit with Police IG Ibrahim Idris, who he alleged was promoting female cops Odris has romatic relationships with.