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Senator accuses politicians of fueling insecurity in Nigeria



Senate in mix-up over Armed Forces Service Commission Bill
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Senator Francis Fadanusi, representing Osun East constituency, has accused Nigeria Politicians of fueling insecurity in the country through the activities of gun running, saying that they largely contributed to insecurity in Nigeria.

He pointedly said Politicians share guns to thugs during elections recovering those guns after losing or winning the elections, adding that those guns turned thugs into armed robbers and kidnappers.

“Politicians as we all know share guns to thugs during elections and if they lose an election, they do away with them without recovering those guns.

“There are also deserters who run away with guns and those who loot Military armoury and also, the level of unemployment among the youths is a problem.

“I urge the government to engage the youth who are ready to be used for anything.

Also contributing to an “Act that provides for the establishment of the Nigeria National Commission against the proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons and for other related Matters connected therewith, 2020,” Senator representing Gombe South Senatorial district, Senator Amos Bulus, said insecurity will persist unless a drastic action is taken to curtail the activities of powerful cartels involved in illegal importation of arms in the country.

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Bulus submitted that there are cartels notorious for importation of arms illegally, but the government continues to pretend by turning its face the other way, thereby leaving the arms proliferation issues to shops in the Senate.

He insisted that gun runners are well known in Nigeria and those profiting from the illicit businesses of gun running are known, decrying that what was happening in the case of arms running was pretence by government.

“Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, we know the gun runners in this country and we are not doing anything about it. We only sit down to talk stories and stories without doing anything.

“There are people profiting from the business of gun running who live among us and we pretend as if nothing is happening.

“We should serialize guns in this country and if an armed robber is caught, through the serial number. Security agencies would be able to track the source the gun comes from.

“If we continue to sit and tell stories without action, we will be doomed. I have been hearing about arms in the last ten years without any action,” he added.


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