Story of Lagos accountant who miscalculated ‘one-chance’ bandits

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Saheed Ogungbero has been jumping Vienna on many occasions to work on the island. He does that whenever he figures out driving his car from the Abule-Egba area won’t make sense. And his calculations have always worked out neat.

He saves fuel. He saves strength. He delays wears and tears. He saves money, too.

Ogungbenro isn’t alone.

Many people working on the island and other places far away from home prefer the cushiness of Sienna to the butt-hurting suffering a bus offers. Plus, they also like all the savings.

So like many others, 5 am, that day, he hopped into the space car. Two passengers already seated at the back. One joined them later. Ogugbenro with the driver took the front seats.


Around Abule-Egba, things changed.

The accountant felt some claws around his neck, followed by a barrage of punches.

“One of the two men at the back held me in the neck while the other man that entered later punched me in the face. One of them hit my nails with a hammer,” he said later.

They got him.

“They collected my phones, laptop, national identity card, driving licence and my company ID card. They asked for my card pin and information about how to open my banking mobile app.”

He gave them all.

Ogungbenro had N830,000 in his Access Bank account. He had another account, too, with Diamond Bank.

The bandits whipped the two ATM cards. They slushed funds from one account to another on his banking apps. All the banditry went on as the car cruised.

By now, he was too punch-drunk to know much of what was going on.

After squeezing everything of value out of him, they dumped him at a spot, in the cool of the early frantic rush in Lagos.

He looked like a watermelon punctured all over, his head a mess of blood, lumps, bruises, and tears.

The spot on which they canned him—nobody got really alarmed seeing the bloody mass aching on the ground.

The passersby know anybody found helpless there is a victim—of ‘one chance’. That dumping ground just took its another reject.

“A motorcycle rider who saw me groaning with pain said I was the fourth person robbed and dumped at the spot,” he said.

It was a tricycle rider who eventually took him to the hospital, and reported the case at the Oke-Odo Police Station.