Tension as US, Netherlands NGOs set to teach Kenyan children love-making, same sex, abortion as right


The Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Organization (SRHR Kenya), an umbrella of over ten organizations, has been defending Marie Stopes abortion centers while Kenyan authorities have moved against the practice.

The SRHR group has been promoting Comprehensive Sexuality Education which teaches children from the age of 5 how to masturbate, be homosexuals and lesbians, and exercise abortions as a right.

CitizenGO, an NGO that gathers citizen petitions for its advocacy, exposed the SHSR effort to sneak the controversial Comprehensive Sexuality Education to over 50 Kenyan schools and health facilities without the approval of the government and parents.

The organization’s largest funders are Rutgers from Netherlands, and International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)from United States of America.

While Rutgers has attracted notoriety for its  Comprehensive Sex Education Curriculum “World Starts With Me’, IPPF is the leading abortion corporation in the world.

The latter, CitizenGO director Ann Kioko told the National Daily, has been caught on numerous occasions selling baby parts in the United States.

“The main agenda of these abortionists is to make sure the whole world embraces abortion which to them is a business, an industry that earns them a lot of money,” said Kioko.

The SRHR has been making head ways in Kenya, bringing together like-minded organizations, around ten pro-abortion groups to advocate for adoption of the curriculum in Kenyan primary education syllabus.

“We are aware that they have applied for registration at the NGO Board,” said Kioko whose organization seeks petition to make the board disregard the SHSR application for the activities they promote which are not within Kenyan law.