“There’s reason Tinubu is christened ‘Baba Alagbado’ and it’s not forpolitical sagacity!”

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Former Osun Sen.Olusola Adeyeye has disclosed that Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is unfit for Nigeria’s presidency on account of age and health condition.

The professor rooting for V.P Yemi Osinbajo said those around the APC presidential aspirant are wondering about the former governor’s increasing public blunders.

“I am making bold to say anyone still looking at Tinubu as the candidate to beat isn’t reading the tea leaves properly.

“Tinubu is already unravelling publicly and even a lot of those who ordinarily would have loved to support him are right now having a rethink the more of him they see. He has proved to be gaffe-prone and certainly unhealthy.

“The Southern electorate is very sophisticated and none more so than the section of the electorate in the South-West. There is a reason he has been christened ‘Baba Alagbado’ and it is not for political sagacity!”

Last year, Tinubu advocated massive recruitment in the military, and improved agriculture to provide corn for the recruits battling insecurity. Many considered this a blunder.

“Time catches up with everybody and it has caught up with Tinubu. It takes those who truly love him, not sycophants, to tell him that it’s time to go stretch out on some lush lawns and play with his grandchildren.

“The Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is not for his type.”