This is how to prevent high data usage on your phone

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Mobile Phones have technology that consumes more data on your iphone or Android

Starting from MTN, Airtel, 9mobile And GLO make millions of dollars daily from Mobile Phone Users Like IPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, MediaTek Companys like Tecno, Infinix Itel.

The following is the easy to prevent high data zapping from your Mobile Phone/ Android

I. Turn off data connection as you are done with internet connectivity don’t leave it on for any reason whether your are charging it or not using or doing something that doesn’t need data turn it off apps use data without telling you in the background.

II. Download Data Meter Or data reading app called Datally this Android app will make sure you see the amount of data you use on the daily or you don’t really need to download it Most Smartphones or Android have it just go to Settings >wireless network > data usage to see the amount of data you are using.. Or you can search the keyword “data usage” on Your settings to see it.

III. Turn off notifications for Unnecessary apps and message, those apps consume data.

IV. Don’t Turn On your Hotspot, Turn it off and set it with password in case your xender turns it on.

V. Stop Downloading that Video you love downloading that video that turns you on. It consumes unbelievable amount of data.

VI. Leave Social Media alone if you can the way Instagram consumes data is amazing stay away if you can do more freebasics on Facebook when you want to chat.

With the above mentioned tips you will save more data thanks.for your time don’t forget to follow for more