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Tinubu incurs increasing wrath of Nigerian youths



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The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has continued to incur the wrath of Nigerian youths as the 2023 campaigns garner momentum. The youths appear to be overwhelming the campaign workers of the APC presidential candidate on social media, and raising ‘questionable’ issues over Tinubu.

Issues surrounding Tinubu’s real identity – name, ages, including educational certificates –   in addition to sources of wealth, mental fitness, among others have continued to dominates conversations among Nigerian youths on social media.

The youths are, therefore, arguing for a better presidential candidate to rescue Nigeria.

The Nigerian youths further translated their advocacy into poems to drive home their ‘anger’ or disaffection against the APC presidential candidate, Tinubu.

A clear poetic expression, demeaning Tinubu, is presented below unedited.

“Assuming Tinubu has No Baggage, is he Mentally Fit to be President of Nearly 220 million People?

POEM Asks…

“Assuming Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu was the same person from birth to this day…

“Assuming his parents were traced to be original owners of the names he assumes…

“Assuming the reason his names changed was clarified to keen Nigerians…

“Assuming his classmates in primary and secondary schools had come out to ascertain they all went to the same school…

“Assuming his certificates were classified genuine and free from any forgery…

“Assuming his sources of wealth were not exceedingly questionable…


“Assuming his forfeiture business was not complicit with drug trafficking…

“Assuming the United States of America of all countries did not link this mysterious character to the drug trade…

“Assuming this man did not turn Lagos State into his private business empire in one of the most corrupt practices of forever enriching self, family and cronies that must stay 100% loyal till death do part…

“Assuming this exceedingly greedy character cleared all these numerous cobwebs hanging around his neck…

“And assuming this man is now a character that Nigerians of this moment can say, yes he has the integrity and the admirable past to lead a new Nigeria, can he truly be compared with…

“HE Atiku Abubakar, who though ‘far older’ than Tinubu but is quite articulate in his deliveries without any sign of momentary loss of ideas?

“HE Rabiu Kwankwaso, who is just ‘four years’ younger but very agile, sound in every speech he makes and quite coherent and ready to appear in public debates to submit himself to scrutiny?

“HE Peter Obi, who is only ‘nine years’ younger but could pass as a son in physical comparison; a ‘son’ Tinubu mimicks with statistics, “na statistics we go chop?” Not forgetting that the first time he tried statistics on stage without reading from any written paper that he promised to employ 50 million youths into the army and feed them with ‘agbado‘, cassava and ‘ewa‘. One wonders why that fantastic idea wasn’t part of his manifesto!

“Look at how the robots this BAT of a character employed to follow him very closely. Their jobs include – to quickly catch him from falling and keep him upright whenever in public glare; nudge him not to say anything outside the always prepared scripts; constantly keep waking him up when his eyelids close, which is usually anytime he sits at any gathering; applaud whatever off point slur of words he offers in public; and all deceitful acts of making him appear truly alive.

“Of all the con, Nigerians have been subjected to by politicians, none gets near in comparison to the wood BATists are propping up – all to hoodwink a nation into grabbing power for them. How can Nigerians choose a proxy president when they do not know the exact characters that will actually be in power?

“To understand the atrocities the All Progressives Congress, APC committed in Nigeria, take a look at the man they are planning to foist on Nigerians as a president in this era!

“The Muhammadu Buhari that was sworn in seven and a half years ago is evidently not the same man we call Mr President today. That same man, as known to Nigerians while campaigning, would never have wished a Tinubu in his present state for Nigerians. The same man who executed Batholomew Owoh and his two friends with a back-dated decree for drug trafficking wouldn’t have wished a Tinubu with all the facts America unearthed linking him with same illicit trade within same time Buhari executed those undergraduates for Nigerians.

“But above all, only God can forgive the flurry of Nigerians, particularly youths, moving about with brooms and actually willing to vote Tinubu into power. May He not punish Nigeria with this ailing man, whose bewilderingly uncoordinated public speeches are now being compiled as comic reliefs, as president.”






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