Trump orders governors to reopen churches this weekend


President Donald Trump of the United States (US), on Friday called on governors in the US to open churches and other worship places in the country this weekend. The US may have come to a pint that the ravaging coronavirus is no longer a threat to citizens.

President Trump admonished that if the governors decline to comply with his recommendations to allow in-person religious services to resume, he will “override” them. “In America we need more prayer, not less,” Trump had declared at a White House briefing on Friday.

It was gathered that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidelines on houses of worship on Friday.

The CDC had modified the guideline to state that the coronavirus “does not spread easily” from contaminated surfaces and is primarily transmitted through person-to-person contact. There are fears that the new announcement by the CDC may confuse to think that they no longer need to wash their hands regularly.