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Update: After the death of one of their victims, EFCC seeks extradition of 3 Nigerians to the U.S. for child exploitation



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The EFCC has initiated an extradition proceedings at the Federal High Court, Abuja against 3 suspects, Samson Ogoshi, his brother, Samuel & Ezekiel Ejemeh Robert over exploitation of minor & production of child pornography.

The Ogoshis & Ezekiel were indicted in a U.S Federal Court on December 1, 2022 on charges of exploitation of minors & production of child pornography resulting in death, conspiracy to distribute child pornography & conspiracy to commit stalking through the internet.

17-yr-old American commit suicide after being extorted by three Nigerians


According to investigations, the suspects conspired to conduct a sex-based extortion of minors & adults in the USA.

Investigations also revealed, hacked some social media accounts, posing to be young attractive women to entice unsuspecting victims to send their sexually explicit images.

These pictures were then used in blackmailing the victims, thereby forcing them into making huge financial payments.

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