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Watercress is open for business — Olaniyan



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EDIALE KINGSLEY speaks with the General Manager of Watercress hotels at the soft opening of the hospitality outfit. Mrs Nancy Olaniyan’s experience in hospitality and tourism speaks volumes. She tells our readers what to expect from Watercress.

Why are we here today madam?
This is the soft opening of Water Cress hotels located at the heart of Ikeja Lagos.
We are now open for business to corporate, business and customers who may want to use our facilities for their pleasure and business related activities.
Here we are keen on ensuring that the needs of our clients are met and attended to with the highest ethical standards within the hospitality industry in Nigeria.
We invited friends and family and some of our corporate clients to witness the official opening of the place today so that they can see for themselves what we have to offer the public as we showcase our numerous range of services on ground so that we can get feed back from our clients who through their opinion via feed back channels will enable us improve upon our services to the public.

Tell us what is Watercress bringing to bear in the hospitality industry in Lagos state?
That is one of the business analysis we did before now and we hope to differentiate ourselves from the motley crowd by offering five star exceptional services to our clients who come to patronize us .
And by five star , we mean having quality staff, quality services that is next to none within Lagos state
When you go to most hotels in Lagos a lot of things are lacking in their kind of treatment and services to guests and these are the areas we hope to improve upon and give our guests and clients services that will keep them coming back to Watercress whenever they are in Ikeja axis of Lagos.
I have worked in the United Kingdom within the hospitality industry for more than fifteen years giving ratings to hotels over there so I know what it takes to hit a five star target when as the General Manager of a new hotel I am poised to deliver.
So I am coming with my wealth of experience to bear in this new job function of ensuring that customers gets a five star treatment from Watercress Hotels Ikeja.
We want to also note here that Watercress Hotel is not for everybody but but for a particular market segment in the society which we are out to satisfy as we continue to do business in Lagos state.
Which is something that other hotels don’t do so expect the best from us as we roll out exceptional services to clients.
I also think we have an edge over most hotels in Lagos because of the professional staff in our employment coupled with the competitive products and services we have in our kitty.

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What plans do you have to attract socialites and celebrities to your hotel?
The hotel is owned by a politician who we don’t want to disclose the identity for now but we have plans to have celebrities and socialites throng our facility in the coming days, all this we have factored in during our research before the opening of the hotel so everything is well in place for us to go full blast.

What informed Ikeja as the preferred choice for building this hotel?
For us Ikeja is the heartbeat of Lagos state, its close to the seat of power so it allows for power brokers seeing the hotel as good enough for use of government business and the likes,its close to the airport and all these enumerated allow Watercress to see Ikeja as a perfect spot for our business.

What other activities will the management use attracting social activities to the hotel?
We have a live band at the pool side and we are working with an entertainment consultant who is bring up and coming entertainment artistes that will be adding spice to the night life here at the hotel so that more of such acts can also bring the big known names to also perform at our hotel.

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