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Why Chelsea won’t forget the FA Cup slip



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By Ediale Kingsley
The FA final between Arsenal and Chelsea was a last laugh many thought Arsene Wenger, his players and his fans were never going to have. The punters, bookies, even Arsenal fans gave it to Chelsea. But alas, the kings of EPL took their coronation party with all parts of their anatomy.
While the Top-4 rejects had nothing to cheer to but would go ahead to bury their souls in training and planning. The kind of things you do when you are bored or trapped by circumstance…you read a book, get that training, do that course…etc.
On match day, the results showed. Chelsea went ahead to play like the kindergartens of Ajax FC (funny how in my writeup on the Europa Final, I had seen resemblances of Arsenal FC in Ajax FC). Marcos Alonso was staggering, Victor Moses was galloping, Pedro was ballooning, Ngolo Kante was struggling with pace and stability. And the man who’s the talisman, Eden Hazard, was gasping for unused breathe. I have seen Tiki Taka, Gegen Pressing, today I saw Chelsea playing the Hang Over Style.
At the end, the match ended 2-1. But if you are not a seeker of truth, you will pretend that it wasn’t silly-bashings given to Chelsea. And you will rather seek not to look beyond the scoreline and misses of Mesut Özil the unsharp shooter.
Talking about Ozil, he seemingly looked like a Messi in today’s match. Alexis Sanchez was as criminally clinical as usual. And the goofs of Conte made the rights of Wenger shine so bright. On a day he needed it the most.
The French man on a simple white shirt and red tie tucked tightly in his pence looked like a school boy. When he lifted the trophy to the crowd. They that shouted #wengerout saw a brilliant school boy with his report card flagged up. What made this particular result well appreciated was the fact that the crowd were the invigilators. They saw the style with which he passed.
Mourinho would never have signed that premature coronation ceremony. He would have asked that the celebration be halted until the double is achieved. And that’s the Jose Mourinho I know. And that’s why I talk about him.
Antonio Conte may have won the personal award for best goal celebration this season. He danced, jumped, laughed, shokeyed, galalad, azonted…just think of it. Now, that quick to jump and punch the air syndrome has caused him his double. We all know these things matter. Wait until next season, when he has more matches to play. And destiny gives the double to a Mourinho, for instance. Then will he put five to one fingers in the air, with both hands at Conte’s face.

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