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16-year-old girl develops neurological symptoms after Pfizer vaccine



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A 16-year-old girl, Sarah Green, has cried out over developing neurological symptoms after receiving Pfizer vaccine.

It was affirmed that Sarah Green was a healthy 16-year-old but she began to develop neurological problems after receiving Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. However, doctors were said to have denied that Sarah’s  new tremors, tics and debilitating migraines could possibly be caused by the vaccine.

Sarah and her mother, Marie Green, speaking to The Defender in the US lamented that they are helpless because nobody will acknowledge Sarah’s vaccine injury and “nobody can help them.”

It was revealed that Sarah received her second dose of Pfizer vaccine on May 4, and immediately experienced a headache at the base of her neck that radiated to her temples. She observed that it was like she “hit by a bus.” She tried sleeping in hopes she could sleep it off, but the headaches never vanished. Unfortunately, Sarah narrated she developed small facial twitches within three weeks of receiving the vaccine.

According to Sarah, “The night of May 23, I went to my dad because my neck had started twitching every 15 seconds.”

The mother, Green decried that Sarah would start a word and it was as if her brain would reset. “It wasn’t like she was trying to get a word out — it would just start over,” the mother said.

It was gathered that after Sarah’s symptoms worsened, her parents took her to Johnston Health in Smithfield, North Carolina. The doctors on arrival, observed that Sarah had constant tremors.

Green also narrated that the doctor looked down and noticed Sarah’s right foot also had a tremor, but they didn’t have a pediatric neurologist, so she was transferred to WakeMed in Raleigh once she stabilized.

It was noted that Sarah’s EEG, MRI with and without contrast and CT scans were normal. After two days, the doctor came in and said Sarah had a nervous twitch and needed to see a mental health professional, the mother said.

Sarah’s mother said that during the MRI with contrast, the daughter stopped breathing and had to be pulled out of the machine and intubated. Two hours later the doctor came in and said they were going to send Sarah home.

Green added that “They weren’t even going to refer her to a neurologist.

“They said it was just a nervous tick and she needed to see a therapist.”

Sarah mother stated that the vaccine was not the first thing she considered when her daughter’s symptoms initially started, but the hospital had her fill out a form of things that might have changed and “when it came down to it, the only thing that changed was the vaccine.”


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