2023: Jonathan’s political support groups stand divided, battle one another

Former President Goodluck Jonathan and his perceived ambition for Nigeria’s top job in 2023 is tearing apart his fandom and political allies, despite his firm lips about the political development.

Among his followers opposed to his return to active politics is the Goodluck Jonathan Support Group (GJSG).

The groups’ coordinators warned him to not be deceived by the APC caucus and the PDP groups egging him on in the developing alliance between Jonathan and the ruling APC.

The story keep coming up the APC is scheming to field the PDP 2019 presidential candidate so he can spend one more term due the south-south and return power to the north.

On the dalliance, the GFSG threatened last week after a meeting in Port Harcourt.

“We want to say it again that as loyal members of the PDP, we will not follow anybody to the APC just because we adore him or her,” GJSG’s chairman Emiloju Esomujimi said.

According to the Chairman of the coordinators, Hon. Alfred Emiloju Esomijumi, the group has made efforts to get to the root of the rumour, and has found out it’s not all a lie.

“We remain solidly committed to the politics of Dr. Jonathan as he remains a leader yet to be equaled in this country.

“But we will not sacrifice our loyalty to our dear party for our love for his leadership and person.”

Another group, the Niger Delta Peace Coalition, Comrade warned the former president to watch out, though he has right to contest, and a platform is still available for him.

“What else does Jonathan want to achieve? What is it that Jonathan could not do well, with nearly six years as the President of Nigeria?

“Jonathan should be very careful not to accept any Greek Gift, either from any person or any other geopolitical zone of the country,” said the group leader Zik Gbemre last week.


But the Coalition for President Goodluck Jonathan reprimanded all the grous and their eaders opposed to Jonathan’s return to politics.

The group’s leader Godknows Kpodoh insisted Jonathan is the hope of Nigeria, having become well known across the world for conceding defeat I 3015 to President Muhammadu Buhari.

“We will support Jonathan anywhere he goes. He is the hope of this country and we the young ones will not fold our hands at this crucial time. It is unfortunate that some impostors are already paid to truncate this steady march,” he said.

As for defection, Jonathan has declared he is still in the PDP. But as far as the 2023 presidential contest goes, he’s been talking equivocally.

The last time he was asked about his ambition, the former president said it was too early to be talking about 2023.

Many have tried to parse his pussy-footedness. He’s bee sworn in twice—as a vice president that took over when his boss Umar Yar’ Adua died in office. Jonathan took the oath when he contested and won in 2011.

Nigeria’s rulebook allows the occupant of any executive office to take the oath only twice.