3 Important things a white tongue reveals about your health

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Do you know that your tongue is perhaps one of the most amazing muscles in your body because of its function? Without any form of doubt, it is the only muscle group not covered by skin. Also, it’s the only muscle group in your body that moves without the need for bones or joints.

According to research, the oral cavity is a major gateway to the human body. Microorganisms colonizing in the oral cavity have a significant probability of spreading to the stomach, lung, and intestinal tract.

Your tongue muscles are covered with a thick layer of connective tissue. It is coated with a special mucus membrane. Its root is connected towards the back of your throat on the floor of your mouth.

However, here are 4 important points that a white tongue may reveal about your health.

1. Oral lichen planus

You may develop a chronic mouth inflammation called oral lichen planus when your immune system is compromised. Not only does it present as a white coating on your tongue, but you can also develop painful mouth and tongue sensations. Study shows that oral lichen planus is not curable but it can be managed.

2. Syphilis

This is a bacterial infection that can affect the tongue. It is a s*xually transmitted disease that can be fatal if not treated. Although, it can only be confirmed after running a test by your doctor for further treatment.

3. Thrush

This condition is common in babies and younger children. However, it can affect adults. When the Candida yeast that’s usually present in your body multiplies too quickly, it can present as a white fungal infection in your mouth and tongue. Interestingly, simple remedies like brushing effectively can clear it up quickly.