4 reasons you shouldn’t sleep on your right side

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Every night, not many of us know that the way we lie down on the bed can affect our digestive system when we sleep. According to Healthline, when foods are not properly digested, bowel evacuation might become very difficult.

The way you sleep can cause intestinal obstruction or inflammation of the diverticula. Here are reasons you shouldn’t sleep on your right side every night:

1. Scientists have warned that sleeping on your right side is not healthy, both for your digestive system and general well-being.

When you eat a few hours before sleeping, and you sleep on your right side, this can cause a painful feeling like something is burning in your chest.

This is caused by a backflow of food from your stomach to your mouth, which irritates your esophagus. Some people’s foods don’t digest easily. They need to stop sleeping on their right side to avoid gastrointestinal problems.

2. If you want to sleep at night, always lie down on your left side to allow the waste products in your intestines to flow down to your colon. This will help with proper bowel evacuation when you wake up in the morning.

3. Sleeping on your left side can help your brain become healthy because your body will be able to get rid of waste materials in your brain. Lying down on your left side can help your brain rejuvenate more than lying on your right side or your back.

This can help you reduce the risk of having some problems with your nervous system.

4. Some people have the habit of snoring at night. Lying down on your left side can prevent your tongue from blocking your throat, which won’t make your breathing sound loud.

When you sleep, you should also use a pillow to raise your head above your body so that there won’t be a backward flow of food into your mouth.

You should also put a pillow between your knees so that the midsection of your body won’t sink into the bed. Otherwise, this may cause pain in your back when you wake up.