5 benefits of eating raw eggs and who shouldn’t eat them

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Eggs are commonly boiled or fried in our daily meals, but eating them raw without boiling or frying has been recommended to be a good source of protein. Eating cooked or fried eggs is not the same as eating raw eggs.

Some particular foods are specifically made with raw eggs. This can predispose someone to an infection from enterobacteria depending on their immune system. However, eating raw eggs has some nutritional benefits for our health.

The following are the benefits of eating raw eggs and the kinds of people who cannot eat them:

1. According to Healthline, raw eggs can provide enough fat and protein for your body just like cooked or boiled ones.

It’s also loaded with vitamins and minerals and substances that inhibit oxidation and protect your eyes from infections. You can get a lot of phosphorus and calcium from eating raw eggs.

2. Raw eggs, especially the yolks, are rich in a particular nutrient that helps improve the performance of your cardiovascular system and brain.

3. Raw eggs are very high in protein, which is concentrated on the white part of the egg. If you don’t want your body to quickly absorb this protein, eating the eggs raw is the best way to go.

If you eat a cooked or fried egg, the protein content will be easily absorbed by your body. However, if you have other sources of protein, then eating your eggs raw should not be necessary.

4. Eggs are more likely to contain contaminants due to the way they develop inside the chicken or the poultry environment.

If your immune system is not strong, these contaminants can be harmful to the body when you don’t cook them before eating. This can damage your digestive system and cause diarrhea.

The safest way to eat raw eggs is to partially sterilize them at a temperature that will get rid of the contaminants. This won’t cause a lot of changes to the nutrients of the egg.

5. When women are pregnant, they have been warned not to consume raw eggs because it can affect some things in their bodies.

There’s a particular B vitamin known as biotin. This particular vitamin is what helps your body produce glucose when you are pregnant. Eating raw eggs can stop biotin from producing glucose.

Whereas your body needs a lot of glucose when you are pregnant, pregnant women should avoid eating raw eggs.