8 Players you have forgotten played for both Chelsea and Liverpool

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Chelsea and Liverpool are described as one of the Elite clubs in England. For many years, these two teams have attracted the best players in the world. Even though some players believe in staying loyal to a club, some players have played for both Chelsea and Liverpool.

Therefore, this article contains a compilation of 8 Top footballers you probably have forgotten played for both Chelsea and Liverpool. Take a look!

1. Victor Moses.

Photo: Victor Moses at Chelsea

The 30-year-old Nigerian footballer Chelsea from Crystal Palace in 2012. The versatile player could play as a right-winger, left-winger, or a right-back. He was loaned to Liverpool in 2013, and he spent a season there. However, note that Victor Moses just moved to Besiktas this year.

Photo: Victor Moses at Liverpool

2. Mohamed Salah

Photo: Mohamed Salah at Chelsea

The Egyptian player was signed by Chelsea in 2014 but played just a few games with the blues. He was later signed by AS Roma in 2016. However, note that Salah was eventually signed by Liverpool in 2017. Well, Mohamed Salah has been one of Liverpool’s best players in these last four years.

Photo: Mohamed Salah at Liverpool

3. Raul Meireles

Photo: Raul Meireles with Chelsea

The former Portuguese international also played for Chelsea and Liverpool. The 38-year-old Portuguese played for Liverpool for just a season between 2010 and 2011. The following season, Meireles moved to Chelsea, and he was part of the team that won the UEFA Champions League in 2012.

Photo: Raul Meireles with Liverpool

4. Yossi Benayoun

Photo: Yossi Benayoun with Chelsea

The 41-year-old former footballer played was signed by Liverpool in 2007, and he spent 3 years there. However, in 2010, the former Israeli midfielder moved from Liverpool to Chelsea, where he also spent 3 years. However, in those 3 years at Chelsea, Benayoun was also loaned to Arsenal and Westham.

Photo: Yossi Benayoun with Liverpool

5. Nicolas Anelka

Photo: Nicolas Anelka at Chelsea

Anelka is one of the players to have played for different top EPL teams. The Frenchman was signed by Liverpool on loan from Paris Saint-German. Note that Anelka spent only a season at Liverpool. However, in 2008, Anelka was signed by Chelsea, where he spent four years.

Photo: Nicolas Anelka at Liverpool

6. Fernando Torres

Photo: Torres at Chelsea

The veteran striker spent four years at Liverpool between 2007 and 2011. In 2011, the Spanish footballer was signed by Chelsea, where he spent another 4 years. Even though Torres might not have had the best years at Chelsea, he still won the UCL with the team.

Photo: Torres at Liverpool

7. Daniel Sturridge

Photo: Sturridge at Chelsea

Another notable player who many people might have forgotten is Daniel Sturridge. The English striker was a Chelsea player between 2009 and 2013. Well, note that Daniel Sturridge moved to Liverpool in 2013, where he spent many years.

Photo: Sturridge at Liverpool

8. Glen Johnson

Photo: Glen Johnson at Chelsea

The talented right-back played for Chelsea in the early stages of his career. He played for the Chelsea senior team between 2003 and 2007. On the other hand, Glen Johnson joined Liverpool in 2009, where he established himself as a popular right-back.