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9 Ways to switch up your office style



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HAPPY new week style lovers. Often times, the stylish career woman is stumped on ways to add a little creativity to our work attires. Bemoaning the conservative dress codes of most civil and corporate organizations and the slim style offerings available in the market. Hence with little or no leg room for style creativity, most fashionistas end up in a dreary style outfits rotation, consisting mainly of suits, blazers, work gowns, pencil skirts et al.
If you are one of those, it’s time to sing a new style tune, as I bring you nine cool ways to switch up your work style ensembles without spending a kobo.
1. Switch out your slacks for shorts.
2. Ditch the jacket, add a peplum.
3. Go Monochromatic, and make that color BLUSH!
4. Crop it all Up! Both your pants and sleeves.
5. Replace your blazer with a soft trench. Yes! You can actually wear a soft trench to work in Nigeria with having hives or being in danger of suffocation, especially in the incoming harmattan season.
6. Inverse your regular Black suit ensemble. We all love our dynamic black work suits but it’s time to do an inverse. Wear your black on the inside and cover up in neutral or pastel shades.
7. Wear your blazer with a peplum and ditch the shirt. I promise you will want to Instagram the moment you behold yourself in the mirror.
8. Pair culottes with an asymmetric blouse.
9. Wear your stripes in multiples! Same stripes, different sizes, total win.

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