After losing primary, senator attacks delegate, demands $5600 refund, Lexus return

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PDP’s Sen. Ayo Akinyelure is not just a loser; he’s a bad loser. And he’s taking it out on the Ondo East delegates, especially one of the leeches who sucked him deep, and failed to power him to victory in party’s primary.

His rival Ifedayo Adedipe, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), clinched the tickets with 82 votes.

It is not clear yet if the winner outspent Akinyelure. But the loser stumped up enough hard currencies and car gifts to have made him go apeshit after he flunked the election.

Akinyelure has snatched back the car he gave one of the delegates—Chief Segun Adegoke. Although the senator explained why. And how it was not connected to the election.

The senator also gave him a 24-hour ultimatum to return the dollars he reportedly got before the election.

Akinyelure is not backing down yet.

“For avoidance of doubt and to put the record straight, the public is to take note of the following facts as regards the case in question,’ said Charles Akinwon, his media aide.

He attacked the fattest of the parasite, one Hon Akindiose who promised to deliver Ondo East for Sen Ayo Akinyelure (ALLOVER-1) in the just concluded PDP primary election on condition the senator buy him a car for the work you did in 2019.

In the long rant the media aide put ot, the car was not for keeps.

“…The Car (Lexus 330) in question was released to you from his pool to work for him and be returned on completion of the assignment, and he promised to buy a car for you if you deliver on your promises to win the primary election.

“The agreement was that this acclaimed gifted car would be recovered from you to give you another Car to compensate your efforts, after you must have delivered on promises, which you eventually failed to do.

‘There was no transfer of ownership document because it was not a gift but was released to you to carry out an assignment of mobilization of delegates to enable him win election, but this condition was not fulfilled by you. You voted against him, and you showed your vote to the Senator’s Agent in the voting center.

“That instead of fulfilling your promises, you voted against him and mobilize delegates against him, and he lost all the votes of Ondo East and West on the instructions of your political god fathers.’

He accused the honorable of forging “Change of Ownership” of the said car, with  sworn two different affidavits that the car was sold to  him by Senator Ayo Akinyelure, while the second affidavit stated that it was a gift from Senator Ayo Akinyelure (two contradictions).

Akinwon painted him as liar.

“You also went ahead to collect $5,600 for 7 delegates at $800 each and N150,000 for hotel expenses collected from his house with your instruction by Wole Akinjo, CINCERO Akindiose and Oriola AKINWONMI on 23rd May 2022 at about 6am in the morning and you confirm delivery of cash to you on phone when the 3men got back to you for the 7 Delegates in your care to vote for him, when you know that you were not going to vote for him. You confirm that you never voted for him, this is a breach of verbal agreement with Sen Ayo Akinyelure, an action that will not entitle you to be given a car after the election out of some cars already bought by him to be distributed after the primary to some chairmen and others he promised along with you

“The five (5) Cars bought by Senator Ayo Akinyelure to be given as gifts to you and others are in his residence in Akure out of which he had already given two (2) out to his loyalists, despite losing at the party primaries, assuming you deliver on your promises you would have gotten your own car on return of his Lexus car as agreed.
Therefore your claim that he collected a gifted car from you for work done on 2019 is false and a cheap blackmail. The Senator is a man of integrity and he is known to be a “talk and do” Senator of Ondo Central.

“These are the reasons he requested you return the car with all the Money collected from the Senator for the seven (7) delegates and hotel bill obtained by false pretenses, or face a court action for perjury and conversion of his property without his lawful authority.

“You are therefore given 24 hours to return the money collected from him in your best interest. You only returned the said car on the strong advise of Police officers in charge of recovery on police intervention on 24th May 2022, but up till now you refuse to return the $5,600 and N150,000 you instructed him to transfer to account of Wole Akinjo for hotel expenses of 6 and yourself making 7 delegates that slept in the hotel in Ondo and delivered to you by Wole Akinjo as claimed by him.”