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 Ambode reforms LAWMA with cleaner Lagos initiative



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By Lanre Adesanya

Mr. Olumuyiwa Adejokun, the Executive Chairman Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has disclosed the resolve of the body to efficiently align with the proposed reform initiative of the state Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, to herald a cleaner Lagos this year.

The LAWMA boss made this revelation while declaring opened LAWMA’s 3-days retreat, themed: “Reformed Waste Management in Lagos State: The Role of LAWMA”, held at the Orchid Hotels Limited Lekki, Lagos, stressing that the team gathered to brainstorm and come up with workable strategy that would embolden the body for maximal productivity beyond yesteryears attainments.

Adejokun noted that,”LAWMA has been in charge along with the partnership of PSP contractors in the waste management efforts and have been doing well but government believes we can do better.

“The Governor has said repeatedly that government does not have the funds required for the business in real terms waste management involves billions of naira, the PSP operators also grapples with paucity of funds that informs the need for investors to come into the sector with their monies and consequently the need for a reform in the waste collection business.

“The law for the reform is still in the making but we will not wait till the law is made before we position ourselves in readiness for our job, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode has reiterated that he wants a cleaner Lagos and in order to key into that that is why we are here.

“My song from day one has been for LAWMA to be a regulatory body, as LAWMA being the referee can not continue to play the football game like an ordinary player, then if LAWMA make mistake, who would then sanction LAWMA as the referee ought to do, that is why LAWMA need to step aside and face regulation and back up?

He hinted that the operational shift will largely be noticed in the concentration of former PSP contractors on commercial waste collection, while the domestic waste collection will be allotted to the new players, who are majorly consortiums and experts, while LAWMA will face regulation of both the consortium and operators to ensure envisaged standard is maintained.

Adejokun also stressed that formerly LAWMA issues the waste bill but with the reform the operators would be saddled with that as the Governor has directed that the operators can now take 100 percent proceed as opposed to the former arrangement where, LAWMA takes 40percent and operators takes 60 percent.

“With consortiums coming on board with hundreds of new compactors to do business, I think I prefer that to those operators with rickety compactors that often times breaks down at will on our roads, this will aid efficiency, they will do the job and we will monitor them for best standard practice, if they can succeed in Lagos I bet you other states will join”. The LAWMA boss added.

He however, enjoined residence to pay their waste bills promptly for maximum service delivery to be guaranteed from the operators.

The General Manager LAWMA Mr. Segun Adeniji noted that 14,000 metric tonnes of waste is generated in 2016 and three times of that is envisaged this year given the Governor’s cleaner Lagos initiative drive.


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