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APC in power to dupe Nigerians, says Cleric



Ogun Rep member defects to APC
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Senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming of Jesusu Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa, says the All Progressives Congress led administration of President Muhammadu Buhari came to power to dupe Nigerians, to add to the pain of the people.

Giwa, who spoke on Sunday, while addressing his church members on national issues, said a bag of rice was selling below N8,000 when they came to power, noting that same bag of rice now goes for almost N20,000.

“Under this government, a Minister is requesting for $500m to upgrade NTA to the status of CNN. Under this government. Anyway, it is a lesson for Nigerians like the book of Mark 4:23 says ‘if anyone has ears to hear, let them hear.’

“We have learnt our lessons like Israelites did each time they abandoned God. The bible is clear that a society or nation that embraces wickedness will not last. Can’t you see what is happening right now?

“President Donald Trump of the United States promised to protect his people before he became the president, and he is doing just that. President Buhari promised us security, but our people are being killed on a daily basis.

“They promised us food, but our people are going to bed hungry. A functioning state requires that everything is governed by laws, according to Aristotle. In Nigeria, our leaders are tyrannising everyone. I have said it that what is happening in this country has gone beyond prayers.

“What we need to have a better country is to take action. We have what it takes to make Nigerians happy; they have sold their souls to the devil, but God will show them that He is God.

“Killers are being released while innocent people are suffering. Whoever supporting these evil people to unleash acts of terror on Nigerians shall be disgraced publicly.

“I send Holy Ghost fire in their camps to cause confusion among them in Jesus Name. God will make them to fight one another in the mighty Name of Jesus. It is well with Nigeria, it is well with those who walk with God accordingly.”