APC’s attempt to reconcile its dwindling ranks laughable – PDP


The opposition Peoples Democratic Party has described the recent moves by the All Progressive Congress to reconcile its dwindling ranks as laughable, cosmetic and politically inconsequential.

The party said the presidency has “become so panicky that it effectively hijacked” the functions of All Progressives Congress’s leadership, which it described as “dysfunctional and ideologically vacuous”.

It cited the appointment of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as the leader of APC reconciliation committee as one of such panicky measures the ruling party had taken.

The PDP said Tinubu, having previously “expressed his concerns and disapprovals on the mismanagement of the economy”, has uphill task in marketing “a bad product”.

Also, the PDP said it wondered how Tinubu “whose large constituents are direct victims of the ineptitude, impunity, nepotism, dictatorial tendencies, corruption and insecurity that has characterized the Buhari Presidency, will now turn around to preach that all is well and attempt to sell a practically bad product to the nation”.

“It is instructive to further state that the desperate move by the Presidency to politically prey on individuals is mere foolhardiness and a totally decadent approach to pitch key leaders against the people on an issue that has already been thrown overboard.

“This is more so as the political institutions and front runners that threw up the Buhari Presidency in 2015 have now, not only regretted their actions, but have also strongly advised that President Buhari should not contemplate contesting a second term in office.

“Nigerians today suffer from pains inflicted on them by this administration and no amount of manipulation of individuals and public institutions can make them change their resolve to vote out APC in 2019, particularly as the party is stuck with an unpopular candidate.