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Ayade’s uncommon relationship with Buhari: Beauty of democracy



FG responsible for security challenges in Cross River - Ayade
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OVER the years, Nigeria politicians have shown that they have predilection for classical antagonistic relations which is mostly hinged on party affiliation, religion and ethnicity.
The political class has demonstrated clearly that they derive marginal utility from baselessly criticizing government under the leadership of opposition party.

Students of review and criticism have argued that any criticism that is starving of recommendation is criticism in paralysis. For any responsible critic, recommendations to the point(s) raised would always form the critical part of the argument. But regrettably, Nigerian politicians have paid little or no attention to this essential area of strengthening our democracy through criticism.

When they get into power, our leaders and political parties practically forget that ‘Politics’ is not part of executive function. They abuse not only themselves but the position they occupy. Their relationship with opposition party is worst than that of the Cat and Rat.

However, since he assumed office, Governor Ben Ayade has consistently stated that party politics ended with the elections. When his party, the People’s Democratic Party, PDP antagonized the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, he has publicly thrown his weight behind the president. In one of the occasions, he said those criticizing the President still don’t understand who the president is and are oblivious of his administrative policies.

Indeed, the uncommon relationship of the governor who is a PDP man with APC-led federal government is a milestone in Nigeria democracy. How he managed to convince the President to choose Cross River as the first state to officially visit since he assumed office has attract wide commendation in the state.

Besides, the relevance of the president’s visit is not only centered around the ground breaking ceremony of the 260km highway but presented the state with the opportunity to draw the federal government attention to the maltreatment the state witnessed under Obasanjo and Goodluck administrations. First, it was the controversial ceding of the Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroun and then under Jonathan the state lost 76 oil wells to Akwa Ibom State; an area that the governor lamented passionately during his speech even as he appealed to the president to look for a political solution to the situation.

Also, his visit has created a bond between the state and the federal government, a feast the state was denied under the reign of President Jonathan. During the immediate past administration led by Liyel Imoke, the governor was only interested in creating a personal relationship with the president for his political gains not a relationship that would impact positively on the generality of the people.

While other governors have gone about their activities lacking the attribute of postulatory politics which is a dangerous cancer womb that has eaten deep into the fabric of our nation’s politics, Ayade has demonstrated focus, commitment and determination to draw the federal government’s attention to the need to develop the state economy.

During the visit, the President didn’t only pledge the unalloyed support of the federal government to the completion of the project, he also noted that the road would provide job opportunities as well as reduce travel time from Calabar to the neighboring Benue State and beyond by over four hours.

According to him, “This 260-kilometre road is intended to serve as an evacuation route and I understand that the technical process for the deep seaport is ongoing.

The road will open a window of opportunity for the people of Cross River State and Nigeria as a whole as well as reduce travel time from six to two hours.

“That I am here in person underscores the importance that the Federal Government attaches to this. It is indeed a significant milestone in the economic policy of the governor. This is the first groundbreaking under my Presidency. I commend Ayade and his team for their foresight in conceptualizing this project.

“I want to assure you of the commitment of the Federal Government to ensuring the completion of the project. I promise I will come back to commission it. I urge the governor to ensure that work is done on it quickly.”

Similarly, the governor commended President Buhari for looking beyond party affiliation, saying that he is truly belongs to nobody but everybody.

Ayade reminded the President that the idea of the road and the deep sea port was meant to find a new means of production after the ceding of Bakassi to Cameroon and the subsequent loss of 76 oil wells.

Ayade, however, solicited the support of the Federal Government in the completion of the project, adding that the state financial resources would not see the project through.
Mr. President, you said you are for everyone and today you have proven this by your support for us. That is because given the circumstances of our nation and the politics, Cross River State would not have been worthy of being your first port of call. You have shown that you are truly a President.

“The ontological kinetics of the road started with the loss of oil wells, consequent to the loss of Bakassi. The state was reduced to want. It became imperative to reconstruct a new means of production and open a new horizon to get our teeming young men employed.

“The road will serve as an evacuation corridor for the new deep sea port. The sea port will have a draft of 14 metres and a key wall of 680 metres that will allow for all sizes of vessels to berth. The road will be the first to have broadband Internet connectivity, speed cameras, ambulance services, and photo solar system.

“It is your courage and encouragement that will see us through. I know you will make it come to pass. We have secured a 500m Euros facility from a financial institution in Israel. We also have the support of Skye Bank and Heritage Bank under the PPP model. It is our hope with the support given to us that the project will become a reality”.

In the same vein, a Human Rights Activist and APC chieftain, Barrister Okoi Obono Obla who has been one of the most ardent critic of Governor Ayade’s ongoing 260km Super Highway has made a U-turn and thrown his support behind the project.

Obla who arrived Calabar with President Buhari from Abuja for the ground breaking ceremony of the project, in his Facebook page eulogized Ayade and described the road as a revolutionary project which is borne out of ingenious foresightedness by the Governor.

He said, “Great and exceedingly remarkable things are happening to Cross River State under the leadership of Governor Ben Ayade in a Federal Government under the leadership of the dogged and indefatigable President Muhammadu Buhari!
Obla maintained that since the initial fear that the road will affect the Calabar national park has been cleared, he would totally support the project even as he called on Cross Riverians to rally round the governor to ensure the success of the road.

“Since the feared incursion into the Cross River National Park has been addressed, I totally support it. It is a revolutionary project which is borne out of ingenious foresightedness.
“I call on our people to continue to support the President and the Governor. Yesterday, President Buhari again reaffirmed his bond with us when he pledged support for the super highway project”, he said.

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