Biafra League militia confronts Cameroonian Army in Bakassi, disarm two officers

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The militia of a separatist agitational group for the Biafra Republic, the Biafra Nations League (BNL), at the weekend confronted the Cameroonian military in the Bakassi Peninsula. The Biafra Nations League (BNL) militia had on Saturday night ambushed an operational team of the Cameroonian army, the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), in Bakassi Peninsula, and in the operations, disarmed two Cameroonian soldiers.

The commander of the BNL militia under the command of Dark Lord, narrated that the BNL militia intercepted the Cameroon military who were on border patrol to inspect a former Nigerian Military barracks. He said that the soldiers fell into the hands of the militia when they trespassed into the Bakassi Peninsula territory under the control of the Biafra Nation League. The commander added that the BNL militia confronted the Cameroonian army to protect the territory for the Biafra separatists.

He noted that, however, no death was recorded in the confrontation, but two Cameroonian soldiers were disarmed by the BNL militia.

He noted that an army barracks, previously named Isaac Boro military base, formerly occupied by the Nigerian military was ceded to Cameroon during the handover of Bakassi to the Cameroonian government. The Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) operatives were said to have fled and abandoned the barracks for years, relocated to their current base, because snakes invaded the barracks. The BNL commander said that the militia of the League is working on recapturing and taking over the military base from Cameroon.

The BNL had earlier disclosed its readiness to take control of the Gulf of Guinea. However, the Nigerian government is seeking international cooperation to strengthen security in the Gulf of Guinea territorial waters.