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Boko Haram Commander allegedly flees with money for ISWAP Operations in north east 



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There are indications that the Boko Haram terrorists may have engaged in inter-group war with the ISWAP over flight of a Boko Haram commander, Umar Leni, alleged to have fled on July 26, 2019, to Republic of Mali with purportedly large sums of money budgeted for the operations of ISWAP in north east Nigeria.

Umar Leni said to be in his mid 40s, with Hausa origin, identified as Commander of Marte general area of ISWAP LOC. He was said to have has his Ops HQ in Bakassi island on Southern Lake Chad. Report indicated that Leni was described as a dedicated and brave fighter.

His dedication and bravery were said to have made the appoint Leni revenue collector for ISWAP, therefore, a factional financial secretary.

Sources revealed that conflict broke out penultimate week over revenue generated from ISWAP terrorist operations in northern Borno between ISWAP commanders, leading to inter/intra rivalry between leaders of the groups. Many Boko Haram terrorists were said to be killed in the exchange of gunfire at Blantougou Village, Bosso Region in Republic of Niger and other parts of terrorists dominated areas. The casualty figure was said to be high but yet to be ascertained.

Our source further said that it was confirmed that many commanders lost their lives during the fighting. The source stated that the internal clash was said to be between Boko Haram terrorists/ISWAP Quaid, Umar Leni, that was in charge of collecting taxes and the field commanders over sharing of money.

However, locals were said to have linked the fracas to recent clashes between JAS and ISWAP.

Umar Leni and his forces were said to be reasons for the recent clashes. “Among the terrorist cycles, further intelligence indicated that Umar fled with large sums of money to Mali.”

our source further said that all rumors being explored gained more intelligence on BHTs desperation for financial gains. “It is believed that a ready arms dealer had offered selling high calibre weapons, particularly, for big guns for long range attacks on military locations,” the source stated. He alerted that BHTs/ISWAP have about 3 – 4 x 120mm Harwitzer artillery guns carted away from military locations at FOB Kala Balge, Gashigar, Baga and Gajiram. These big guns have supposedly no projectiles, out source noted. It was indicated that recent kidnappings, including the workers with NGOs, could be linked for the groups eagerness to acquire logistics.

It was further revealed that ISWAP has split into three or more factions. The split was identified as a source of weakness for the terrorists ravaging the north east Nigeria which could be explored by the federal government to liquidate them.

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