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BREAKING: Good news as the world can finally celebrate the end to Coronavirus with the latest major boost on vaccine’s result



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The world has continued to battle for survival against the pandemic of Covid-19 that has sadly left a devastating effect on economy and mortality.

With over 3.04 million confirmed cases of the virus, 895,000 recoveries and 211,000 deaths recorded globally, many have been living in fear while wondering when the world will be able to conquer the dreaded virus.

Needless to recall that the world’s economy shrinks daily as major commercial enterprises have suffered shutdowns.

Entertainment and revenues loss from sports are not left out from this epidemic of coronavirus.

Interestingly, National Daily can confirm from the report by The New York Times that there could finally be light at the end of the tunnel as a coronavirus vaccine is one step closer thanks to promising results following testing on monkeys.

And the widespread availability of the vaccine will possibly come as early as September.

Six rhesus macaque monkeys were injected with a dose of the Oxford University scientists’ vaccine and remain infection-free four weeks after being exposed to the virus, National Daily further gathered from to the report.

Six rhesus macaque monkeys were found virus-free four weeks after being given the vaccine

This means that a new vaccine trial involving more than 6,000 participants will be started by the end of next month in an effort to show the vaccine is safe and effective.

If all goes well, the new vaccine would be granted emergency approval by authorities and lead to ‘millions’ of doses available by September, it is claimed.


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