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Buhari in Lagos : ‘Tinubu is an Enemy to Yoruba race’



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  • 15 tweets suggest different theories to PMB’s visit

President Mohammadu Buhari is in Lagos for a visit. And many says just like he did the last time he was here on a state visit, Buhari is returning to Lagos to commission uncompleted projects again. The Airport Road is incomplete. The Oshodi Interchange is halfway ready. There are still tonnes of work to be done at the Lagos Theater, Oregun.

According to Bashir Ahmad, President @MBuhari is in Lagos today, to commission a number of projects; includind the reconstructed Oshodi Inter’l Airport Road, Oshodi Transport Interchange, 820 mass transit buses, an ultra modern 170-bed Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialist hospital located within LASUTH.

On the same topic Reno Omokri took a different focus he said, “Southern Nigerians think @MBuhari marginalises them by promoting a Northernisation policy. Wrong. He is God’s tool. Many Southerners are fleeing Nigeria. Tomorrow, they’ll dominate the world. I foresee a future Nigerian President visiting a future British PM of Nigerian heritage”.

National Daily in monitoring the social media space discovers many diverse opinion on the issue. And while our reporter visited the Inauguration of Ayinke Mother And Child Center, it was observed that only the Governors, President and the ministers were allowed to go inside for the inspection. The press were not allowed to go inside, further raising the suspicion that the projects are not actually 100 per cent ready.

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Many blame APC Leader, Ahmed Tinubu for Ambode’s rush to inaugurate these vital projects without reaching its completion.

The 15 tweets below suggests different theories to the visit:

1. Adenrele Orimidupa

People shouting Ambode is commissioning uncompleted projects.😒😒 is this the first time you people are hearing uncompleted projects being commissioned? So you want Sanwoolu to take the glory? If he didn’t commission it, how do you want people to know he started the project? 😂😂

2. Tinuola AKINOLA 🇳🇬

BRF was to commission the Ikorodu Rd. reconstruction, but he left it for Ambode to commission, (he did not even invite BRT to the commissioning) because it was completed just a week before the expiration of his term. Ambode need to drop his ego. #FPN

3. Deji Adeyanju

I cannot blame Ambode, he won’t t allow a new person (Sanwo-Olu) to commission his major projects. I learnt Fashola was not invited officially too.

Omolomo larin ero. 😂


4. QS Tayo

I’m not a fan of Tinubu and Apc, but you should stop taking hypocritical shots at him. If Ambode won his second term primary and he’s to rule for the next 4 yrs, I bet you won’t tweet this. Lagos roads have become so terrible, everywhere is dirty, traffic is getting worse etc

5. Ashola Ilie

Gov. Ambode is trying to avoid argument on who did this project or who did that! He is commissioning 65% Completed project!

6. Arinola

PMB is everyone’s favourite Grandpa. He is over compensating with Ambode since he could not persuade Lagosians to give Ambode a second term.

7. lerizzim

Lol Ambode would one day regret not standing for himself.

8. Its_me_Tracy❤️💋💄

Ambode transformed Oshodi with this world class transport terminal.

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I always and will always say it again and again; Tinubu is an Enemy to Yoruba race, instead he’s after his own interest.

Lagosians will one day regret ever not standing up for this able Governor Ambode.

9. Xeeno Miller


Ambode is just shooting himself in the foot. How in God’s name would any sane person just decide to frustrate others by bringing the president to come commission unfinished projects On a working day with its resultant traffic stress? Sigh

10. Miz Cazorla

ONLY Ambode brings Buhari to commission nonsense project. The bus stop he came to commission is no longer in existence.But Buhari’s love for scissors won’t let him see,he just love to cut tapes with his starched babanriga. He’ll commission a kiosk happily if U put tapes round it.

11. Oladele Dada John

I’m not a partisan, but I must commend Lagos State Outgoing governor, Akinwunmi Ambode for the good works. Lagosians will regret letting the amazing man go just like that. Just see this for yourself. Isn’t it world class standard?



14. Temisan Okomi

Plus the trash! Goodness me, the trash! Lagos is dirty as hell. Ambode really, really, really messed up with that Visionscape nonsense. How you can can change a working system, instead of making it better, is a mystery…

15. Dr. Guendouzi

The traffic lights at Allen roundabout stopped working months ago. The ministry of transport Is just few miles away, Lagosians have to endure pain everyday..I haven’t seen Lagos in this intolerable state.

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  1. MikeMike

    May 1, 2019 at 4:26 am

    Visit delta particularly oil-rich areas like warri, then u will appreciate even the uncompleted project Ambode or buhari is commissioning in Lagos.
    Warri roads are death traps. Pls send Ambode to Warri, we need these 65% uncompleted projects here

  2. Smart

    May 12, 2019 at 12:39 am

    Comment:Over ambitious is going to kill Tinubu the northerner who he took as friend are not really friends they have just started to betray him he ends see nothing

  3. Smart

    May 12, 2019 at 12:45 am

    Comment:Tinubu is deceiving himself the northerner he took as friends are not really friends the’ve just start betraying him he ends see notin


    May 15, 2019 at 7:35 am

    Please let’s stop this blaming games on both Ambode and my political mentor Sir, Bola Tinubu but rather encourage our incoming governor Sanwolu to learn from past and present predecessors mistakes to correct himself now and take our dear state to a more glorious future.



    May 15, 2019 at 7:43 am

    Please let’s stop this blaming games on both Ambode and my political mentor Sir Bola Tinubu, but rather start encouraging our incoming governor Sanwolu to learn from past predecessors mistakes that leads to their failure to correct himself now and lead our dear Lagos State to a better glorious future.
    God bless Lagos State and God Nigeria.

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