CAN alleges new plot to kill Northern Christians

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The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the 19 northern states, Islamic fanatics are now using allegations of blasphemy to hunt down Christians living in Northern Nigeria.

The Vice President of CAN in the 19 Northern States and Abuja, Rev. Joseph John Hayab, who made this accusation in a statement on Sunday in Abuja while appraising the success of the protest it called against the lynching of Deborah Samuel, said investigations carried out by the Christian body has revealed that the various allegations of blasphemy have been false and mere attempts at killing Christians.

“Allegations of blasphemy have now become the new excuse by fundamentalists in northern Nigeria to kill the remnant that bandits and terrorists have not yet killed,” Hayab said in the statement.

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“How can you justify the period of what happened in Sokoto, the allegation in Borno, the fake allegation on Babachir Lawal by one northern actor who we have on record how he made blasphemous remarks about Jesus Christ, but quickly went and brought it down on the internet to cover himself before coming out to falsely accuse Babachir Lawal, the former SGF?

“And we are seeing another carnage in Bauchi under the excuse of blasphemy. We know and have evidence of how some of these allegations of blasphemy are false and just for blackmail or settling scores with passive enemies or well-mannered young girls who have refused sexual advances by the opposite sex from another religion.

“We are also aware of how fanatics have in the past raised lies in the name of blasphemy. CAN wonders if the recent sermons we are getting from some Islamic clerics on what the Holy Quran says about what should be done if anyone is accused of blasphemy is unpopular amongst followers?

“The challenge now is for government authorities and security agencies to act fast to address this abuse of our constitution before it leads to a more serious conflict that cannot be handled.

“Nigeria’s Christians, most especially those of northern extraction have for ages exhibited tolerance despite many provocations and lack of reciprocation of our love and friendship.

“But these new tactics for killing our people from any and every accusation of blasphemy are unacceptable to CAN and all Christian faithful. We will not accept this brutal way of murder and inhuman treatment of our followers to continue.

“The government and security agencies should come out to enforce the law on every murderer hiding under religion. We will also wish to appeal to Christian leaders and parents to guide their children to resist any ungodly provocation that will make them say things that blood-thirsty fundamentalist can easily use to kill them.”