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Choosing political parties and their leaders; time for questions 



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By Pascal Ebhohimen, PhD

When a President leading the affairs of the country has failed , what then was the role of a political party that put him in the leadership position in governance?

A leader as a President should be able to put his team together to help him implement his policies and programmes of action . The team members carefully put together by the party in power are expected to serve in different portfolios as Ministers, Special advisers, ambassadors , board members , etc and together with the President are members of the political party in power . Would you say that a political party has no role in the governance of the country within the tenure of the President ? This question has no basis , as the APC has a role led by the President of the country .
If the President , by all factors of consideration and key performance indicators is adjudged to have failed , then the party that put him as the leader of the national government has equally failed .

Why would the APC now be asking Nigerians after eight(8) years of misrule and mismanagement of this country to return them to power for another four(4) or eight( 8) years of misery, tyranny and slaughtering of innocent children, girl children, widows and orphans while worshiping their God in sacred places ?

APC needs to give us a space to try other parties and their leaders . Methinks !

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