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Confusion in Abuja as Nigeria records first Coronavirus death



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The health institutions in Nigeria’s federal capital, Abuja, were on Monday thrown into confusion as Nigeria recorded first death from coronavirus infection.

The death from the coronavirus was in a case of a 67 years old man who returned from the United Kingdom (UK) after medical treatment.

The report indicated the deceased had underlying medical conditions which include multiple myeloma and diabetes and was undergoing chemotherapy.

The deceased was identified as a former boss of PPMC, Suileman Achugo who had tested positive to the virus.

Family of the deceased had protested that the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) had came to their home, took specimen of the deceased promising to come back with the result. The family said the NCDC never came back but abandoned them while the man died at the hospital in Abuja; adding that all the family members are now quarantined.

NCDC, however, clarified that their duty is to detect the infection and not to administer treatment. The Centre stated that there are treatment centres where coronavirus carriers are taken for treatment, noting that the treatment centres have been doing their best.

The controversy provided awareness where people can go to seek held in times of emergency  for urgent interventions.

Meanwhile, the figure of confirmed cases in Nigeria has risen to 35 while Tunisia has recorded 75 victims.