Coronavirus: Nigerian professor puts out his tested formula for cure, asks China, Italy, others to come for therapy

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A professor of virology at the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, has proclaimed his cure cure for Coronavirus infecting thousands and killing thousands across 49 countries since December.

Maduike Ezeibe, the dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, MOUAU, made the claims Thursday in a statement.

According to him, the chemical equation of the therapy is (AI4(SiO4)3+3Mg2SiO4-2AI2Mg3(SiO4)3) and “it’s a mechanism for curing Covid -19 and Lassa fever”.

“Electrostatic attraction would make electrically charged medicines mop pathogens which have opposite charges, is a known scientific fact and that viruses and abnormal (infected /tumor) cells are electrically charged is now known,” he said.

“Covid-19 virus and Lassa fever virus (DNA viruses) are negatively charged. Small sizes of viruses enable them infect cells, inaccessible to big molecules. So, existing antiviral medicines need immunity to complement their effects but some viruses cause immune deficiency.

“Effective treatment of secondary infections would cure any viral /abnormal cell diseases including Covid -19 and Lassa fever.”

He urged countries ravaged by coronavirus to come and take his therapy for clinical trial on their patients—at no cost.

According to him, the therapy which had already proved reliable in the treatment of HIV/AIDS would make coronavirus a thing of the past.

Ezeibe, however, warned those already infested with coronavirus should not come to Nigeria to access the therapy to avoid spread of the virus.

The professor has always claimed he has a cure-all for HIV/AIDS, and Lassa fever.

Coronavirus broke out in China last year, and it has spread to Japan, Italy, Iran, South Africa, Egypt, and, two days ago, it arrived Nigeria.