Dear Funke Akindele: How NDCD, Dettol sacked you as brand ambassador

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Following the recent backlash and arrest of the popular Nigerian actress and screen goddess, Funke Akindele, for breaching the Covid-19  preventive measures by organising a party amid the Coronavirus outbreak in NIgeria. The National center for Disease Control and Dettol Company have both sacked the actress as an ambassador of their brand or campaign against Coronavirus.
This was made known via tweets obtained on the twitter handle of NCDC at exactly 9:23 pm while that of Dettol was posted at 8:25 pm. The statement of Dettol read in part; “The NCDC partnered with Dettol on a public service message to educate our communities about preventive measures against COVID-19. Funke is not a brand ambassador of the NCDC”. The statement of the NCDC also read in part; “As an agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria, NCDC has not engaged brand ambassadors as part of our response to Covid-19”.
It should be noted that ever since the video footage of the party held by Funke Akindele surfaced online, she has been facing a barrage of criticsm from people who felt she was insensitive to the present war against coronavirus and she isn’t practicisng what she is preaching. Many had even wrongly assumed that Funke Akindele was a brand ambassador to the campaign against coronavirus, hence, the need for the clarification by both NCDC and Dettol Nigeria.
Below is also an InstaLetter as written by Ediale:
Dear Funke,
I understand.
I have been there.
One terrible mistake, we often wish we can undo.
We pray it ends quickly so we can go and be careful not to sin such sin again.
Life can pull such quick stunts against our parties. I blame you less. I’d love to blame your husband more on this. But I can’t. I should. But do I know how you guys live as a family?
Do I know whose duty it is to do the thinking? Do I know whose duty it is to make the important decisions? Do I know if you listen when he speaks? And it’s possible he also doesn’t listen when you speak?
Perhaps he didn’t want the party, you wanted it. Perhaps you didn’t want the party, he wanted it.
I’d never know.
But on a matter like this. I expect him to be able to understand better. I hope that doesn’t come out as being sexist. Cos, it’s not.
As a full creative head, with a lot on your plate. It’s easy for you to be carried away and jump into a party mood to celebrate and honor your darling husband.
And this is where I expect him to jump in with good reasoning:
“Honey, I know you want to make me happy. I trust your genuine appreciation and love but hey we can’t do it now. Trust me.”
One of you should have had this thought at least.
Two good heads they say are better than one.
But funny how nobody in your circle could come up with logical thinking. When you get out of this. Do try as much as possible to have a logical head in your team.
Someone you can always consult before taking serious decisions. Cos most times creatives are head deep in other matters that they hardly consider other factors while making huge plans and decisions.
I like Apanpa for this. He knows how to use great heads in his circle. He will call me, call our lawyer friend, call his other director friend and some other friends in banking, and other industries depending on the issue before making that decision.
Apanpa would have called me and ask, “Guy how far na? which way? where you dey? See I dey think of throwing one birthday party o. I know say lockdown dey. But most of the party guests they around. Others go fit find their way too. Wetin you think?”.
And I would have definitely told him to forget it because most of his guests will upload on Social Media and NDCD will not be happy that their ambassador isn’t adhering to the social distance rule.
Above all, I’d tell him the Coronavirus is no joke. It’s real and I won’t even leave my house to attend.
This is the value of having and using a great circle of friends.
Not the friends who don’t reason. It’s really quite sad that nobody from your clique could advise you from doing the party.
Omojuwa tweeted:
“Funke Akindele has been arrested. I really do feel for her because she could be made an example by the new regulations; the Lagos Infection Diseases Regulations 2020. One month jail term or N100k. I hope she gets the community service end instead, without a record”.
That’s how popular critiques tweet when they don’t want to offend a major star that they can reach. See how he carefully suggests a soft landing.
I have seen people go hard against you. Many people who usually think anything a star does is okay. Or others who never see the wrong as long as the person involved is a female. I have seen most of such persons outrightly call you out on this one. And I am quite shocked.
I thought it was only Ediale that calls people out.
The fear of Coronavirus is real.
And as such they see the danger in what you did.
But like I said, I understand. It’s a mistake. You didn’t know better. Or didn’t know how severe this is.
A lot of people out there still think it’s not a serious matter. That’s why they had to be forced to quit business, gatherings and religious centers.
That’s why some are still playing football street tournaments.
That’s why my neighbors think I am “too careful for nothing”.
They think all is safe.
If only they know. That the rich and powerful men are here with us on planet earth because other planets are not yet habitable.
This too shall pass.
You will soon have your life back and things will be normal again.
But first, the drama of trying to get your husband and Naira Marley to report to the Police Station will spark the trends this Monday.
One would have thought that you should be the one hiding while hubby be the man in the police net.
I will report him to Pete Edochie. This is tantamount to kneeling down to propose.
Just joking.
But seriously, something still tells me JJC should be blamed for this.
Your Marlian Circle spotter,
PS: These our phones though. They are becoming smarter than us. There are many people who went to jail this era because they did something criminal nobody would have known but they then taped it and shared on social media.