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Ex-convicts arrested while robbing accident victims



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Some ex-convicts and suspected robbers have been arrested by operatives of the Lagos State Rapid Response Squad for allegedly dispossessing accident victims of their belongings at Otedola Bridge inward Ojodu-Berger, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

The six suspects who were descending the slope of the Otedola Bridge towards Olowopopo Road when they witnessed the accident, took the victims’ phones and other valuables while they (victims) tried to extricate themselves from the vehicle.

Among the suspects who were caught fighting over the property of the accident victims, including phones, money, and other valuables, are three ex-convicts.

They’ve been identified as Stephen Godslove (21), Christopher Edema (25), David Tobore-Sodiq (22), Joseph Hassan (23), Adebayo Rashid (23), and Sulaiman Akinwunmi (30). The ex-convicts are Tobore-Sodiq, Rashid, Godslove and Edema.

The case has been transferred to the Command Special Squad for further investigation and prosecution.