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Fallout of Buhari’s visit to Trump: How pro-Biafra agitators clashed with hired presidential supporters in Washington



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  • Hired supports paid $100 each for pro-Buhari rally

The pro-Biafra activists made good their threat to hold a protest rally at the White House, Washington D.C., on Monday, during President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to President Donald Trump of the United States of America. The pro-Buhari support group was also on ground to demonstrate their solidarity for the Nigerian presdi8ent. The joint activities of both groups struggling for space and an opportunity to send their respective messages led to clashes at the White House/

Participants in the pro-Buhari support group were alleged to be hired on daily stipend of $100 each. They were said to have engaged in internal clashes among themselves when it was time to share the money.

According to eye witness account, “As things escalated right outside the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C., the Secret Service had to designate a line to separate both sides.”

It was gathered that outside the White House, pro-Biafra activists requested Trump not to roll the red carpet for a criminal.

They protested that Buhari is a terrorist or the sponsor of a terror organization known as Boko Haram. It was acknowledged that Buhari has repeatedly denied having any link to Boko Haram, although the West African killers once chose him to represent them during negotiations with the Nigerian government.

“So loud were the protesters that Americans and tourists stopped by to watch what looked like a riot. The Secret Service and the Police guarded Mr. Buhari’s residence. He lives at the Blair House, a famous house that once hosted an American President when the White House was burned down,” an eye witness declared.

It was also disclosed that some of the hired presidential supporters did not know why they were at the White House. One of the hired supporters was said to have said that he came from Togo, another supporter, an African American, was also gathered to have admitted she just came to support her family but did not know much about what was going on.

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