FFK links coronavirus pandemic to Bill Gates, New World Order

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Nigeria’s former Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has linked the COVID-19 pandemic to a new conspiracy against world population by Microsoft founder, Bill Gates and South African-born industrialist and technology entrepreneur, Elon Musk.

The Coronavirus which was first discovered in Wuhan, China sometimes in December, 2019 has infected over a million people, killed over 50,000 and 218,573 patients have recovered.

Reacting in a new tweet, Fani-Kayode, while reiterating his past claim of a connection between the Coronavirus pandemic, the launch of 5G network and the coming of a new world order, described both Gates and Musk as disciples of Satan and agents of Illuminati.

He wrote: “If people knew what was unfolding & what Satan & his Illuminati agents, his disciples like @elonmusk & @BillGates & the proponents of the New World Order have in mind & are doing with 5G, coronavirus & the coming Anti-coronavirus vaccines, every Christian & Muslim would join forces & PRAY!”

Bill Gate

He, therefore, called on Christians and Muslims to pray against such domination.

Fani-Kayode’s claim is coming on the heels of a conspiracy theory by an unknown group that a research institute funded by a foundation owned by Bill and his wife, Melinda own a patent on the Coronavirus and hope to profit from a future vaccine. New facts had, however, dismissed the claim.

Fani-Kayode is not only one pushing this conspiracy theory about coronavirus and the superfast 5G wireless technology.

Recently, media regulator in the UK had warned British broadcasters that they face sanctions if they give airtime to false health advice about coronavirus, after a Sussex radio station was given a severe warning for broadcasting baseless conspiracy theories that the pandemic is linked to the rollout of 5G phone networks.

According to the proponents of this theory, the coronavirus was caused as a result of the radiations from the 5G technology.

American singer, Keri Hilson is a subscriber to this notion. On Sunday (March 15), Hilson took to her Twitter page where she expounded how 5G supposedly infects humans with the virus.

South Africa’s Musk has also been linked with several controversial projects linked with world new order theorists.

It would be recalled that sometimes in 2019, Musk’s his neurotechnology startup Neuralink, had invented an implantable “brain chip” that will “merge biological intelligence with machine intelligence.”

The chip will be installed in a person’s brain by drilling a two-millimeter hole in the skull. “The interface to the chip is wireless, so you have no wires poking out of your head,” he assured.

However, some members of the science community warn that such a device could actually lead to human beings’ self-destruction before the “AI apocalypse” even comes along.

Back home, a chieftain of Nigeria’s main opposition party, the PDP in an article titled “COVID-19 and the mark of the beast,” alleged that the virus was a part of an unholy evil agenda by satanic groups to begin the rise of the anti-Christ, with China being used as the launching pad for the impending destruction.

Also, popular Man of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman tows the same direction when he openly declared on Tuesday that a plot to install a new world order was in progress following recent happenings.