FIFA to pay Mikel, Moses, others $213k each for World Cup participation

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A total of $4,904,750 about N1.8b is what would be shared by the Nigeria National Team for participating at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia,National Daily learnt.

The amount is what FIFA will give the entire 23 players in accordance with its benefits programme.

When broken down, each player will get $8,530 per day which is multiplied by the number of days spent at the World Cup, starting two weeks before the opening match until the day before its last match.

Nigeria spent 11 days before it was eliminated by Argentina on June 26, and when added to the 14 days prior to its first match against Croatia on June 16, it comes up to 25 days which translates to $213,250 for each player when multiplied.

Since 2010, when the programme was introduced, FIFA and the European Club Association (ECA) have negotiated increments.

For this year’s edition, the FIFA Professional Football Department; the body in-charge of the programme – will disburse a total sum of $209m among the 736 players representing the 32 teams at the tournament..

The proceeds will be distributed to member associations after the tournament who will further remit what is due to the respective clubs of the players.

Based on the estimated amount, as calculated by FIFA, the clubs will share a proceed of about $221,780.

The prerequisite for eligibility does not include whether the said player(s) played any game at the tournament.