Focus on software development for wealth creation – Nnaji

The former Minister of Science and Technology, Prof. Bartholomew Nnaji, has urged young Nigerians to key into software development as means of creating jobs in the country.

Nnaji made this known in Enugu that the global and expanding software development market was worth billions of dollars.

The onetime Power Minister said that presently, the whole world was focusing on computer software programmes to facilitate workloads and procedures with less human interference.

He pointed out that developing software required less money and simple tools to start up such as computer or laptop.

“Many governments, corporate bodies, organizations and individuals are currently switching over into customized software operations for their businesses and engagements.

“The whole world is galloping away out there in software engineering based on sound knowledge of science.

“By the way, this is an area our young ones can do creditably. This is so because it does not cost much to set up some of these things.

“Just need your computer and internet connection, then, you are on,’’ he said.

Nnaji, who is a professor of Robotic Engineering and Physics, urged youths to think outside the box by looking towards science and technology to create jobs and “a clean living for themselves’’.