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Gubernatorial aspirant advises youths to not be used



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A Governorship aspirant in Ekiti, Mr Kayode Ojo, has advised youths not to allow themselves to be used by politicians ahead of the 2022 governorship election in the state.

Mr Kayode Ojo, a Governorship hopeful in Ekiti, at the unveiling of his Media Team in Ikoro-Ekiti.

Ojo made the call on Wednesday, while unveiling his Media Team headed by Alhaji Deji Ayelabowo, a seasoned journalist and former General Manager of Ekiti State-owned Radio Station, at Ikoro-Ekiti in Ijero-Ekiti Local Government Area.

He is a Metallurgical and Materials Engineer and a leading aspirant under the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the June 18, 2022 Governorship election in the state.

Ojo urged the team to understand his philosophy, as “a peaceful person, who like things to be done in a very strategic and professional manner”.

According to him, I am not interested in attacking or condemning anyone as being bad or good for the purposes of winning the contest.

He urged the team to understand that his interest is to focus on marketing the set out arrangement and campaign to the people.

“We want to take our message to all the people, both in the APC or PDP, so that they will understand that we are basically focussed on our mission.

“This mission is not a personal mission. It is a mission for the people. It is a mission to emancipate and unshackle the abundant economic potential of Ekiti State.

“That is all what this campaign and the government we want to put in place is all about; unlocking the abundance in Ekiti for the benefit of all Ekiti people,” Ojo said.

The aspirant said that he has no business with poverty.

He said: “We have no business with this underdevelopment and the stunted growth we have here in Ekiti.

“If we just focus on what we have here, what can we do for ourselves?


“What can we do without even thinking of relying on anybody or the Federal Government ? That is what our campaign is all about.

“We are tapping into all that we have and then, all of us would come together and work together to be able to make this place a liveable and enjoyable place for people to live.

“That is what will be the theme of our campaign; that is what my government is going to put in place for the benefit of all people in the state.”