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HURIWA endorses senator John Enoh’s inclusive sports development Initiatives



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The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has issued a press statement affirming its strong support for Senator John Enoh, Nigeria’s Minister of Sports, praising his comprehensive and inclusive strategies aimed at advancing sports development across the nation without bias towards any particular sport.

Responding to recent criticisms directed at the Minister of Sports, HURIWA conducted a thorough evaluation of the situation, concluding that such censures lack substantial evidence upon scrutiny. Addressing the allegations raised in a recent editorial titled “Enoh, Minister of Football,” HURIWA asserted that these accusations are baseless and fail to grasp the broader context of the minister’s initiatives.

While frowning that the editorial had accused Senator John Enoh of allegedly favoring football over other sporting disciplines, HURIWA contended that this narrative is misleading and overlooks the multifaceted nature of the minister’s endeavors in the sports sector.

According to HURIWA, the editorial’s conclusion lacks logical coherence, as it fails to consider the broader context of Senator John Enoh’s actions and the comprehensive nature of sports administration in Nigeria.

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HURIWA emphasized the significance of accountability within sports administration, applauding Senator John Enoh’s efforts in advocating for transparency within the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF). The association stressed that criticizing these efforts as inappropriate undermines the imperative for transparency and progress within Nigerian football.

Furthermore, HURIWA underscored that failures within other sports cannot be singularly attributed to the Minister of Sports. Instead, they often stem from systemic challenges necessitating comprehensive solutions, which Senator John Enoh has actively pursued during his tenure.

“Accountability is a crucial aspect of the minister’s role, and demanding transparency from the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) is a legitimate endeavor aimed at improving Nigerian football for the benefit of all stakeholders. Criticizing such efforts as tactless undermines the quest for transparency and improvement within the football administration,” HURIWA stated.

“Senator John Enoh’s interventions with the NFF and other stakeholders should be viewed as proactive measures aimed at maximizing the potential of Nigerian football rather than unwarranted interference. His initiatives, such as urging the NFF to implement a 10-year football master plan and facilitating the release of funds to settle outstanding debts, underscore his commitment to the sport’s holistic development,” the statement read.

The association acknowledged Senator John Enoh’s support for diverse sporting disciplines, including athletics, wrestling, boxing, and basketball. “His active involvement in securing funds and improving conditions across these sports underscores a broader focus than suggested by the editorial.

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“Under Senator John Enoh’s leadership, the Ministry of Sports has embarked on initiatives aimed at improving athletes’ performance through scientific and technical support. The establishment of the Ministerial Podium Performance Team, led by Professor Ken Anugweje, exemplifies the ministry’s commitment to optimizing athletes’ potential and enhancing Nigeria’s competitiveness on the global stage,” the statement further emphasized.


Moreover, HURIWA commended Nigeria’s renewed commitment to combating doping under Senator John Enoh’s leadership, signifying the nation’s resolve to uphold integrity in sports and adhere to international standards.

In conclusion, HURIWA reiterated its endorsement of Senator John Enoh’s inclusive and strategic approaches towards sports development in Nigeria. The association believes that his efforts to promote transparency, accountability, and excellence across various sporting disciplines deserve recognition and support from all quarters.

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