I get my movie stories from my dream – Chibuike

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One of the first set of Nollywood builders, Chibuike Temple Okere, is coming out with a big bang titled 120 –Pages. He is the MD/CEO Florish Soil Company Limited and as worked in different capacity in the growing Nigeria industry. In this conversation with Ediale Kingsley, he talks about film, family and prospects.

 After joining the AGN in 1999 what followed?

I am a member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria and. I have been in this business for many years now and we have used the film making to pass a lot of good messages out to the public. I was born a natural actor. I joined the Actor’s Guild Of Nigeria in 1999 officially 2003. In acting and production managing capacity I featured in a lot movies. I started working for a lot of other movie houses and in 2005 I short my own movie titled Futurity of human behavior and it featured a lot of big names in the acting industry. Since then we have been doing a lot of productions and it’s been lucrative for those that understand the business. I went as far as also getting involved with musical videos and television programs.

Can you introduce us to some of your works?

I have done many jobs but to mention a few; Dollar From Germany, Last dance, hottest babes, Super babes (Manager, Associate Producer), Tears of the ghetto that featured Femi Ogedegbe, Kelvin Books Ikeduba, African China and Jim Iyke. I also made a talent hunt with a reality show using High Fame Entertainment as a production outfit. The talent hunt was produced as a TV show titled Cobweb. We used it to discover a lot of people who felt they have talent and it served as a platform for them to showcase their gifts. It’s a long term series and we just did the first quarters, we are looking forward to releasing more episodes. It featured the likes of Tony Umez, Uche Elendu, Morene Solomon and Emmanuel France. There is a job in the market now titled Just For You. I acted with Emeka Ike, Sam Uche Ayamele and it’s doing well in the market.

Tell us about your work at hand?

I am working on a new job right now…the working title is ‘120 pages’ .  We are currently in pre production of now. And I just concluded a production called Gospel Train , a variety talent hunt that comprises Stage Drama, Music and many more. 120 page is destined for the cinemas. To be shot on 35MM gauge. It’s going to be a big budget film.

Any challenge so far?

The challenge so far as being one of discouragement, many people will try to put fear in you when you embark on a great job. Another serious hurdles I face while coming up in the industry then, is when you want to start without money it becomes a lot difficult.

So are you ready now? Do you have the funds now?

Right now the company, Florish Soil Company Limited, is in a strong financial position to produce TV contents, movies and any project we decide to execute in order to educate, inform, appease the sight as well as catch the fancy of the people.

First things first, I intend going across the nation to get professionals and form a formidable team to collaborate with the in house crew so as to give the production a facelift.

What makes you unique?

What I would like to say at this point is that people coming into this profession should ensure they carve a niche for their selves. They should explore and come out with something unique. Like there are people out there saying that Nollywood movies are full of recycling but as for me before I do my production I do a lot of meditation and as such I usually get revelations and inspirations from the dream. And that’s why I always end up doing something totally different from what other people are doing. In so doing I give people something that will change their orientation about the subject matter. Rather than giving then the norm and usual thing they already know. I also get my stories from elderly ones above 80s.

How do you intend to fight the pirates?

To fight the pirates I won’t jump into the market straight away duplicating DVDs and all that. When I am done with my film I will go to festivals, cinemas and the international film climes so that the international community will know that we are serious and have something to show.

People see many filmmakers as irresponsible and women chasers. What’s your take on that?

I don’t know about others but for myself I am happily married and enjoying my marital life. I do not believe in messing around. My wife supports what I do even though she’s not in the entertainment business.

Who are your favorite Nollywood actors?

There are a handful of them but to mention but a few the Late Justice Esiri, Tony Umez, Genevieve Nnaji, Ramsey Noah, Mike Ezuroye and Jim Iyke.