Kogi West: Melaye rejects result

Senator Dino Melaye, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the  November 16 Kogi West Senatorial District rerun election, on Sunday, condemned the results being collated by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), describing  it as ‘fictitious’ 

Sen. Melaye  at a media interaction in Abuja, alleged that the November 16 election was marred by compromise, extreme violence, and rigging.

The  Senator  protested that theinnovation is that what we had is what I have christened ‘Helicopter election’. For the first time, rigging has been advanced to the level that now the use of a helicopter in perpetuating this electoral atrocity manifested on November 16. Melahe declared his rejection of the result in its entirety.

“Helicopter hovering around Polling units in Lokoja, dropping bullets on innocent, harmless citizens and electorate; and as I speak, yesterday, teargas being fired  from this helicopter,” he narrated.

Melaye protested further that the violence witnessed in his community should give the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) reasons to stop the collation of results on Sunday.

“Despite the fact that this helicopter was used in harassing, intimidating and firing innocent electorates, the votes of those places were carted away and taken to the government house, stuffed and brought back to the collation centre and they have been accepted and admitted and collation is ongoing.

“They brought mayhem on my own community and even killed my nephew, we are waiting to see what INEC will do, but I reject in totality, this fictitious result and I want to say that all these are not about the election, it is about Dino Melaye,” he declared.