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Labour party youth wing urges youths to shun vote buying



Labour party youth wing urges youths to shun vote buying
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The Youth Wing of Labour Party on Sunday urged Nigerians especially the youths not to allow their votes to be bought.

Mr Kennedy Ahanotu, Acting National Youth Leader LP, made the call while addressing a news conference tagged “2023 General Elections ,Agenda for Youth Participation” in Abuja .

He urged the youths to choose their leaders wisely for the sake of the future of Nigeria.

”Nigerians especially youths have supported and helped the LP presidential candidates Peter Obi and Datti Baba- Ahmed with resources so far.

“As we approach this historic moment, I wish with all sense of duty to speak to the Obidients of our great nation who have been at the forefront of the struggle for a new Nigeria and who are passionate about bringing the Obi-Datti presidency.

“So far the Obidients have shown much capacity, exerted so much energy and have worked so hard to prove that a new Nigeria is possible with Mr Peter Obi and Dr Datti Baba Ahmed.

“I want to appeal to our youths protesting across the country as a result of the naira redesign and cash crunch to please stop damaging government and corporate organisation property.

‘ It is important we don’t get distracted in the build up to Feb. 25,” he said.

He said that youths have been left behind in inclusive governance and it was time to change the narrative with the 2023 elections.

He said that inspiringly, the future of the nation lied in the handsome youths and with their vote they would take back the country and build a Nigeria free from all the challenges plaguing it .

According to Ahanotu, the massive acceptance of Obi-Datti by Nigerians have further deepened LP’s collective resolve to take back the country from those who have mismanaged her common wealth and have cowed the giant of Africa.

“On this note and having had a very excellent campaign across the country, on behalf of Nigerian Youths, I want to specially thank some of our elderstatesmen whose endorsement of our preferred Labour Party Presidential Candidate have further emboldened us to fight for our future. ”

He thanked women and youths for their support so far and urged them not to give up but come out in mass to vote Obi-Datti on election day .

“The Labour party sees you, hears you, and understands you. The choice before you is clear, vote for LP which offers you a new Nigeria, a Nigeria that is built on the foundation of character we can trust, competence and capacity based on track record, vision and antecedents.

“So I urge you, my fellow Nigerians, especially women and youths who have been most affected by the challenges we face, to vote Obi – Datti presidency who cares about your future.

” We have a plan, we have the policies, and we have the passion to deliver a new Nigeria to you.

” Labour Party’s plan for a new Nigeria under Obi-Datti presidency is simple, but powerfully innovative. We will create jobs for the unemployed, we will lift people out of poverty, we will give every child a chance to go to school,”he said.


Source – NAN