Lagos Airport sends 250 staff on 3-month leave without pay

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The Lagos Airport Hotel, owned by Southwest states has sent home about 250 staff on leave without pay due to the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown.

A text message sent to staff dated April 21 obtained by Ripples Nigeria claimed it was a management decision. Our findings, however, showed it may have been the unilateral decision of the Managing Director, Mr. Kayode Bakare, executed through the Human Resources Manager, Mrs. Yemi Madu.

On April 21, 2020, the text message signed by Mrs. Madu, asked the 150 permanent staff and 100 casual staff to proceed on a compulsory three-month leave effective from May 1.

The affected workers had not been paid for March or April. And there was no communication regarding their pay even as the lockdown bit harder.

There was also no prior notification of staff or discussion with staff regarding the decision.

The said text message read: “NOTICE TO GO ON THREE MONTHS STAY BACK AT HOME WITHOUT PAY read: “We regret to inform you of the decision of the management for you to continue your stay at home after the leave for three months without pay till the company contacts you.

“This is due to the company’s present financial crisis and its future uncertainty in this prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. This decision was painful and we are sorry it has come to this. But we continue to hope for the best and wish you well.”

Only a few days ago, the federal government vowed to protect workers during the pandemic. In a move that had the prints of the federal government written all over it, the CBN halted the sack of workers within the banking sector.