Messi is king of soccer, Tuface is king of music — Banky W

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Banky W, an offshoot of the name Bankole Wellington, is no new name in the music pool. The musical panjandrum is reckoned for successful RnB hits, dance prowess and discovery of Wizkid. An item in brand endorsement gigs, Mr. Capable (as he loves to call himself), has shown his business savvy acumen as he flaunts deals with super brands. The EME record label boss may be tip-toeing into the movie industry with his hands of gold as we expect the delivery of his works with Richard Mofe Damijo ( RMD ) this December. Banky recently took time to chat with his followers on twitter and Ediale Kingsley monitored chitchat. Enjoy.

WHO do you think is better Messi or Ronaldo?
They’re both out of this world but if I had to I’d pick Messi.

Are we going to have a full R & B album from Shaydee?

You will have the album of the year from him.

Would you ever visit Yola for a show or tour?
I did a few years ago. I just go wherever I’m booked so if yall book me again.

Which musician in Naija do you have lots of respect for musically?
King 2Baba.

Do you write songs just for writing sake or are your songs inspired by events that happen in your life?
They are loosely based on real life.

Do you think talent is enough to take an artiste far?
Absolutely not. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard (and smart).

What part of Lagos are you from?
Badagry. But family house is in Obalende.

Neither does rushing into it. So I’ll do it my way, you can do it yours.
You’ll never know if you’d get it right until you are in it. ‘Taking your time’ does not guarantee its success.

Looking forward to finally see the movie you did with RMD. When would it be showing in the cinemas?
December. And RMD is awesome.

Looking forward to finally see the movie you did with RMD. When would it be showing in the cinemas?
It will be released in December. And RMD is awesome.

Do you experience heartbreaks? If so when was the last time you had such experience. How did you calm yourself?
Earlier this year. You live, you learn, you pick up the pieces and move on.

Most fans seem interested in relationship/marriage issue; do you feel pressured to set a good example in that line?
Marriage is personal. I don’t respond to such pressure. They’re not going to live in the house with me & my wife.

Do you have a tattoo? I don’t know if I’ve seen one on you.
Always wanted one but never got around to it. I think when I eventually have kids I might get their names tattooed.

What inspired that ‘My regret’ song? It’s well put together; I still have it on my playlist.
The inspiration is from love and heartbreak.

Is there an ideal age for marriage?
I think it’s one of the biggest decisions you can make. It’s better to take your time and get it right once & for all.

What in your opinion are the major keys to succeeding in the music industry?
The major keys are determination, unique talent, hard work and a never-say-die attitude.

How does it feel to be friends with Toolz?
She’s like my sister… and she’s married to my best friend. So it feels quite awesome.

Has any lady taken you out on a date before?
I prefer to be the one taking the lady out.

What’s your biggest turn off in a lady?
Body Odour or other personal hygiene issues and a nasty attitude.

Are you in love?
Not at the moment. It would be nice sha.

What’s your advice to youths like us who try to establish ourselves but our parents are like don’t leave home?
Find a way to live your life the way you want but still be respectful to your parents.

Can you please give us a rap mixtape?
I will. After I release my forth coming “Songs About U” album. Doesn’t have to be more than 7 tracks…

What’s the next phase the Nigerian music industry should be aiming at in its development?
The business side. The structure. Royalties. Publishing. All of that.

Did you ever get a serious heartbreak?
More than once actually.

I still love your song “high notes”. Where you in bed when the lyrics came to mind? Where you alone?
Lol I was alone, but it was loosely inspired by real life experiences heheh.

What inspired your hairstyle?
God gave me a haircut. I just stuck with it.

At the time you decided to choose music as a career, what was your major conviction?
My conviction was that I felt it was my destiny…and that I wanted to take a stab at doing what I love for a living.

Are we gonna be seeing you in more movies or this is just a temporary career shift?
You will see me act in a couple of them… and then you will see me embark on writing and directing my own scripts.

Any plan to sign up a new act to the EME label?
Sure. Just wanna see Shaydee and Niyola properly established first before I take on additional acts.

I also attended NYFA, class of 2011. What did you enjoy most during your training?
The screenwriting and directing parts.
Will so love to have you and Wizkid collabo again… Too Dope.
I would too. We will get it done sooner or later I’m sure.

You like squeezing the juice out of video vixens – in your videos why?
Lol wait what? Please oh I didn’t squeeze anybody.

Sorry, what part of Lagos are you from? We love RnB but why haven’t you been on any dance all song for months now?
I just released one with @stonebwoyb & @shaydeeboi called “Mi Re Do (cocoloso)” please check it out on youtube.

When you hang out with fans do you feel nervous or you just handle it like it’s part of your daily routine?
What’s there to be nervous about? I enjoy the interaction.

Seems you are born & bred overseas, why did you decide to come home to do music & not stay abroad to do music?
Started there but felt like my calling/destiny was here. I was born abroad but raised here sha.

Do you see yourself signing a new artist soon?
I want to see Shaydee and Niyola properly established first before moving on to others.

Heard @BankyW is getting married pretty soon….wow thats one great news I’ve been waiting to happen.
Yes. In a film called “The Wedding Party”.

Rumors have it that you have something going with Niyola and Cynthia Morgan. What should we believe?
All completely false. Don’t believe everything you hear/read.

I love to see you collabo with Vector Tha Viper, what do you say about that?
We have actually started one or two songs before but we never finished them. One day though.

What would a music lesson with Banky W cost?
I’m not sure. Not really a music teacher.

What are the first 5 things you do when you wake up?
Order changes but I try to pray, read emails and messages, work out, read sports news and get ready for the day.

Please why does Banky prefer Boxers over briefs?
Omg, I’m having a heart attack…Because… I need a little more “room”.

Who is Your Number artiste in Ghana? And why?
Sarkodie and Stonebwoy. Too much talent.

Who is your favourite African rapper then?
MI, Sarkodie, Ycee, Falz. To name a few.

When are you inviting us to come and eat your rice na?
I’m getting married in December. In a movie called “The Wedding Party”. I dont think they sell rice @ the cinema tho.

At age 18, did you already know without a doubt that you were going to be a musical artist?
Dreamt of it since I was much younger… must have been like 7 or so when I started dreaming of being an artist.

Did you have experience any obstacle in the industry (during your early carrier)?
Plenty. But with a mindset that refuses to take no for an answer, you can overcome any/everything.

Banky come to Germany, I get some marriage material for you..white or black.
Lol. Germany is far bro. I have not given up on Lagos just yet.

What advice would you give someone trying to move back to Nigeria? Considering the economy and lack of good paying jobs.
Have a clear plan in place for what you want to do and how you plan to do it. Don’t come and just hope for the best.