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Mohbad: Police launches full investigation —  Hundeyin



Mohbad: Police launches full investigation —  Hundeyin
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In response to mounting public concern and growing pressure, the Lagos State Police Command has officially announced the commencement of a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the reported death of the popular musician Mohbad. Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesperson for the Lagos State Police, confirmed the development and assured the public that the investigation would be thorough and transparent.

The mysterious death of Mohbad, a rising star in the Nigerian music scene, sent shockwaves through the industry and ignited a wave of speculation and concern among fans and the general public. The circumstances surrounding his demise have been shrouded in mystery, with conflicting reports circulating on social media and in various news outlets.

In a press conference held earlier today, Benjamin Hundeyin stated, “We wish to inform the public that the Lagos State Police Command has launched a full-scale investigation into the reported death of the musician Mohbad. We take these allegations very seriously and are committed to conducting a thorough and transparent inquiry into the matter.”

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Hundeyin emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity of the investigation and urged members of the public to refrain from spreading unverified information or engaging in activities that could hinder the process. He also encouraged anyone with relevant information to come forward and cooperate with the authorities to ensure a comprehensive examination of the case.

The decision to launch a full investigation comes after days of public outcry and demands for clarity surrounding Mohbad’s death. Fans, fellow artists, and human rights activists have all called for a thorough examination of the circumstances and for justice to be served.

As the investigation unfolds, it will be closely monitored by both the public and the music industry, with many hoping for answers to the lingering questions surrounding Mohbad’s passing.

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