“My parents warned me not to marry a dwarf but I never listened, all kids are dwarfs” – Lady narrate

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A lady has narrated how her parents and neighbours warned her not to marry a dwarf man, but she did not listen to them and went on marrying him.

She claims to be having problems since her family is being slandered and bullies have been known to beat her in the head before running away. She said her family had warned her not to marry her husband because of his height, but she didn’t listen to her parents and went ahead to marry her husband.

Her husband was the eldest in his family, and he was also the only child in his family. When he was old enough to get married, it was difficult for him to find a wife, as no woman wanted to marry him because of his height. He was ridiculed and rejected by all women.

He contacted seven women, all of whom turned him down because of his small stature. On his eighth attempt, he succeeded in wooing her into marriage. All of their children were dwarfs. They kept having children in the hopes of one day having a normal individual, but it was all abortive.

So they put an end to it, and at that point, they had eight dwarf offspring to their name. The woman’s neighbors often tease her and remind her of how many people warned her about marrying her dwarf husband, but she ignored them.

Despite her considerable height disparity with her dwarf husband, the woman insists on her love for him. As a result of their actions, other children bullied their children to the point that they stopped going to school or farm because of the bully. Due

to a shortage of funds from her dwarf father, their firstborn daughter had to drop out of school due to a shortage of funds from her dwarf grandfather. They are farmers, and they have been neglected in society because of their heights.

She said she’s very good at science and very intelligent, but because there’s no money to further her education, she dropped out to join her parents on their farm since it’s their only source of income. They cry out and beg people to stop bullying them and start seeing them as their fellow humans. Their mother begs their fellow women to stop reminding her that she married a dwarf.